Zip, unzip files on Tecno mobile phone

Do you want to compress or zip a group of files or folders on the phone before you share or upload them? Like many other Android devices, Tecno mobile phones provider users the tools to easily create zip archives, compress any files, documents through the stock Files app. Tecno users can quickly create zip files right from their mobile device without any additional file archive, compressor, extractor app. The approach to unarchive files or open archive files on Tecno phone works differently. You can easily unzip archives directly from the Files app. You can also use the File Manager, another stock app on Tecno mobiles, to uncompress archives. What’s more it has the Phoenix browser pre-loaded which you can use to download zip archive files from the internet, then open and view the archives to select and extract files from zip archives on the phone.

We will walk you through the easy steps to create a zip file, decompress archives on Tecno mobile in this tutorial.

Compress files into archives on Tecno phone

Zipping a file, folder or multiple files into a single file makes them easier to share, transfer, save or upload. Follow below steps to get the job down in just a few clicks.

Unlock your Tecno phone, open Tools folder to find and launch the Files app from there. Tap on the Menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top left corner to open the side menu on the left hand side. Tap on Downloads or your Tecno phone name at the lower section of this menu list to browse to the location where the files, documents, photos, videos, or files of any other type you like to compress into archives on the Android device.

Long press on to select the first file or folder, then tap to add extra files or folders to the archive file you are going to make. Once you have finished choosing all the files, tap on the action menu at the top right corner (three dots icon) to expand the drop-down menu. Select Compress from this menu to make a zip archive file with all files, folders you have just selected.

compress, zip, archive files, folders on tecno mobile phone using files app

Wait a moment for the archive file to be created and appear in the same folder as the original files. It may take a while if you are making archives from many or large files. It is especially true when you own an old Tecno model or with lower specs.

Open, extract zip files on Tecno mobile

As we have already mentioned in the first paragraph that the stock Files app allows us to easily unzip or uncompress zip archives on Tecno phone. You can even ope and view files stored within a zip file, select and extract only the files you need other than extracting all files from a zip file. The Files app makes it easier than ever for Tecno mobile users to read or decompress zip archives. No third-party app or tools required.

Open the Tools folder on your Tecno phone. Find and run the Files app from the Tools folder. Navigate to the archive file you like to open or unzip. Tap on the zip file to open it and view files stored in it. Tap and hold on the file or folder in a zip archive to select it, then tap to select the second and more files or folders in the zip archive. Tap on the action menu at the top right corner, then choose ‘Extract to …’ from the pop-up menu.

open, extract zip archive files on tecno mobile phone using files app

Navigate to the location where you want to export the files to, and then tap on Extract button to export them from the zip file.

Wait for a second for the content to be unzipped on your Tecno mobile. Small archive files should be extracted basically instantly. It however may take a while to uncompress large zip files. Repeat the steps to unzip more archive files if necessary.

Uncompress zip files in File Manager on Tecno phone

Many Tecno users may noticed that there are two file managers or explorers on the phone. Except the Files app we have used to zip, unzip files above, there is another one name File Manager. Although this app can’t help us compress files to zip archive, decompressing a zip archive has never been made easier with this File Manager app.

Unlock your Tecno phone. Find File Manager on your phone screen. Tap to open it. Its Categories tab opens automatically with various file types displayed at the upper section, such as Music, Videos, Images, Apps, Texts, etc. Tap on More icon to expand more file types. Zips will appear on this Categories screen. All zip archives on your Tecno phone will be listed. Tap on a zip file name, the Uncompress dialog pops up at the bottom of your phone screen. Tap on Uncompress button to extract all files, documents from the zip archive. A folder with the same name will be created in the same location as the original zip file.

uncompress zip archive files on tecno mobile phone using file manager

Unzip files in PHX browser on Tecno mobile

In additional to Chrome browser, Tecno mobile phones should have another browser app installed. It is the PHX browser, or Phoenix browser. You can find this stock web browser, no need to download it from Google Play Store.

Fire up this web browser on your Tecno mobile. Tap on the Menu (three lines) at the bottom, you’ll bring up its menu at the lower section.

phoenix browser menu on android phone

Choose File Manager > Archives.

phoenix browser file manager on android phone

Similar to the stock Files app, PHX File Manager can also help Tecno users to open, view and extract zip archives. Tap to open a zip file, preview files included in this zip archive, select and extract individual files or simply tap on Unzip button at the bottom to extract them all. Again archive will be extracted to the directory where the original archive is located.

open, view, unzip zip archive with phoenix browser on android phone

The zip file extraction feature is incredibly helpful if you downloaded archive files from Internet and want to take a look at the contents so you can decide to decompress the archive file or not. You download, inspect, extract, save, share, or delete zip archive, all in one place.

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