Whiten your teeth in photo using FaceTune on Android phone

Love to smile but not confident about your yellow teeth? Today, we will show you how to whiten teeth and brighten smiles with FaceTune selfie editor on Android phone. FaceTune is the best portrait and selfie editor app available for iOS & Android with tons of retouching tools to removes dark spots, remove eye bags from your pictures, whiten your teeth, slim your face, remove blemishes from pictures, etc. It makes teeth whitening and brightening quick and easy.

Note that, most tools in FaceTune are free, you need to buy some advanced tools with in-app purchase. The teeth whitening feature is free, thus you can use the selfie editor to whiten your teeth in photo for free.

Run the selfie editor on your mobile phone. Touch the Image icon at the top left corner, browse to your photo albums on the phone to select the portrait or selfie you like to edit and import it to the photo editor app.

Whiten your teeth in photo using FaceTune on Android phone
Whiten your teeth in photo using FaceTune

Choose Whiten from the bottom toolbar, then swipe over the teeth in the photo, you will then see a color bar on your screen. Drag this bar to the right to a higher value and make your teeth whiter.

Tap the check icon at the top right corner to save the change and export it to the Gallery app on your Android phone. There will be a new album named ‘Facetune’ created in the Gallery app. All the pictures edited and saved using FaceTune can be found there.

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