View saved WiFi passwords on Tecno mobile

When you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, the network password will be saved on your phone so you can quickly connect to it automatically in the future without the need to type in the password again. You can also share the WiFi network and password with other people or devices through a QR code. The WiFi password however will be encrypted on your phone so you can’t directly view it. Today, we will show you the trick to see the Wi-Fi passwords saved on your Tecno mobile phone.

Note that we use Tecno Camon 15 which runs on HiOS 6, based on Android 10, in this demo. It may vary if you use a different phone model or OS.

How to view saved WiFi password on Tecno mobile phones?

Open up Settings, select Network & internet, tap on Wi-Fi, scroll down and past the list of available networks to the bottom to find and view Saved networks.

view saved wifi networks Tecno Mobile phone

You will see a list of all Wi-Fi networks you have connected to and your phone remembers. Select the WiFi network that you like to view the password. Choose Share, you will be ask to authenticate via fingerprint, face ID, PIN or password depending on your current screen lock setting. After that, you will get a QR code on your phone screen.

share saved wifi networks via QR code from Tecno Mobile phone

The Wi-Fi name and password is included in the QR code. It is readable by machines, not our eyes, though. We need to scan and decode the information in a QR code using a scanner. Before that, we need to take a screenshot on Tecno mobile to save it as a still image into the Gallery on our phone. Luckily, we already have it on our Tecno phone without the need for a third-party scanner app. Check out this guide to scan QR code on Tecno mobile phone for more details.

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