Use computer as keyboard for Android

Instead of the tiny touch keyboard on Android phone, you can use your Windows PC or Mac computer’s physical keyboard as the productive device to type faster from computer to phone. If you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard at hand, and looking to type faster from your computer to mobile phone, this article shows exactly how to do so. We will use a Windows 10 PC as the keyboard on Android phone with the help of a free Android app, AirDroid.  Get the free app from previous linked page onto your phone and install its computer client on your PC before we get started.

This is a multi-purpose app with various tools. You can use it to control your phone from PC, type from computer keyboard to phone, mirror Android phone to computer screen, etc. Note that you will need to sign up an free account with a email address in order to use this app.

You don’t have to root your phone as long as you can enable USB debugging on Android phone first.

Run AirDroid on both your computer and Android phone. Sign into the same AirDroid account on both of them. Keep AirDroid at the front on the phone. Then go to its desktop client on your PC or Mac. Click AirMirror from the left pane, then select your Android device from My Devices list. To use computer keyboard to type on your phone, click AirMe to enable the AirDroid keyboard on your phone.

Use your computer keyboard to type on your phone with AirMe
Use your computer keyboard to type on your phone – AirMe

For non-rooted Android device, AirDroid mayn’t be able to automatically enable the AirDroid keyboard on your phone. In such case, it will pop up a Change keyboard selection dialog from which you can touch the switch besides the AirDroid Keyboard to turn it on and use it as the new keyboard on your phone. Or you can go into the Settings on your phone, navigate to the Language & keyboard settings to manually switch from the system keyboard to AirDroid Keyboard on your phone. You will then see a screen like this.

Type from PC into Android phone - airme
Type from PC into Android phone – airme

Just tap an input field on the phone, an message, email, reminder, note,and start typing from computer to your phone.

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