Turn your LG phone into WiFi hotspot

Most smartphones nowadays has the capability to share its cellular data or internet connection with other devices with the Wifi hotspot feature. For example, you can turn on Wi-fi hotspot on Huawei phone, then connect other devices to the Wifi hotspot and share your mobile data from Huawei phone with computer and other devices.

Except internet connection sharing, a Wi-Fi phone hotspot, personal hotspot or mobile wifi can also be used to exchange data, share files between two or more devices. In an earlier post, we demonstrated how you can share files between Android phone and PC via hotspot using ZAPYA, a cross-platform, file sharing app. We also found several other similar file transfer solutions, notably SHAREit.

Today, we will show you how to enable WiFi hotspot on LG mobile phone to share cellular data or internet connection, or share files with other devices.

Open Settings on your mobile phone. Tap Tethering, touch the ON/OFF toggle next to Wi-Fi hotspot to turn it on. You will see a prompt like this:

Wi-fi Hotspot
Other devices can connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot to use your mobile data. Data charges may apply, and the battery may run out quickly.

Tap Turn On button to confirm and enable Wi-Fi hotspot on your LG phone. On the next screen, you may see another message saying,

Wi-Fi hotspot uses your mobile data connection. Your Wi-Fi connection will be turned off.

Tap the Use button, you will be disconnected from any current Wi-Fi network and the mobile hotspot will be turned on at the same time.

turn on, set up, manage wifi hotspot on android phone lg
turn on, set up, manage wifi hotspot on android phone

Other devices can now connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot, just like how to connect to regular Wi-Fi network. Once connected, other people can share your mobile data to connect to the internet or share files with you via Wi-Fi hotspot. Before they can do this however, they need your Wi-Fi hotspot name and password. On Settings screen of your LG phone, tap Tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot, you can then find out or change your Wi-Fi name(SSID) and password.

You can even disable the password and make the portable Wi-Fi network open to the public. Generally speaking you should always protect the portable Wi-Fi hotspot with secure password. There are security risks associated with open hotspot network.

Also set the timeout for your Wi-Fi hotspot on mobile phone so the Wi-fi network goes off automatically when not used for the duration you have set.

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