Trim videos using Google Photos for Android

Every mobile phone nowadays has the camera app to allow users quickly use the phone’s camera to grab photos and videos. After that the captured videos and pictures will be sent to the Gallery app where you can manage, play, share and send the media files. You can make some quick edits right in the Gallery app on most Android powered devices like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on. In case your Android phone does not integrate video editing features in the Gallery app, you can always do that using Google’s Photos app, which should be pre-installed on virtually every modern Android phone. This is very useful when you need to ditch unnecessary parts of a video or split long video into short clips before you store, send or share it.

Trim videos on Android phone using Google Photos

You can usually find Photos app along with other apps from Google in a folder just named Google on your phone screen. Open up this Photos app. You may be asked to grant it the permission to access your media files on the phone if it is the first time you launch it or permission was declined before. You’ll also be prompted to turn on the Back up & Sync option through which you’ll be able to sync your phone with your Google Photos library, thus make your media files easily accessible from other devices of your own. It is optional though. You can disable or skip it for now.

Go ahead to navigate through the Photos or Albums in Google Photos app to find the videos you like to trim. Open the video, you’ll see several icons at the bottom: Share, Edit and Delete. See below screenshot.

use google photos app to edit videos on android mobile phone

Tap on the Edit button in the middle, the editing tools will appear below the video preview. You can find tools to stabilize video, export video frame, rotate video, and the easy-to-use selection tool for trimming can be found at the bottom. Grab the handle on the left or right side and move inward to select the portion you’d like to save. Tap on Save copy button at the top right corner to trim the video and save it as a new copy saved in the same album or folder as the original video on your mobile phone. The original video will be preserved. You can go to delete it from your device if like.

trim videos on android mobile phone using google's photos app

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