Trim sound recordings on Tecno mobile phone

Like many other Android powered smartphones, Tecno mobile phones also come with the stock Sound Recorder app. On your Tecno phone, open the Tools folder and the Sound Recorder app can be found there. We were impressed by its ease of use, clear UI. You can quickly record any sound, voice on Tecno mobile with several simple taps.

Sometimes when recording audios, we need some airing time before or after the recording. In order not to miss any important content in our recording, we have to start the recording early and end late. These parts however are not necessary in our final recording file. The stock voice recorder app on Tecno mobile phone however doesn’t provide us basic audio editing tools. We can’t directly trim a sound recording in the audio recorder app. Instead we need to use third-party music editors in order to cut our voice recordings on Tecno mobile phone. Fortunately we found several free yet easy-to-use audio editors on Google Play Store can help us with that. We recommend this music editor for Android from Pony Mobile and this free music editor app from Future Tech. In this demo, we will use the latter. See how they work below.

Trim sound recordings on Tecno mobile phone – method 1

Launch the Music Editor on your Tecno mobile, you will be prompted to grant it the access to your files, photos and media content on the phone. Give it the permission.

music editor functions tools for android - futuretech
music editor functions tools for android – futuretech

Choose Trim tool from its home screen. It will then automatically scan, find and list all your sound recordings and music saved on your Tecno phone. Play any sound recording in the list to make sure you find the correct audio recording file. Tap on the voice recording file to open it on the Trim Audio screen.

trim audio, voice recording, music using music editor app by futuretech on android phone

At the upper section of this screen, you can see basic information about the selected audio recording file, such as Title, Duration and Path. In the middle, you can select the duration or range to keep. Hit the Play button at the bottom to make sure you have selected exactly the right start and end points in the audio file. Finally tap on the Save button at the top right. The File Name dialog pops up. Give it a name and press OK button to complete.

Open the File Manager app on your Tecno phone, you can find the trimmed sound recording or music from Categories > Music. Or browse to All files > Internal shared storage > Music Editor > Trim Audio.

Trim audio, music on Tecno mobile phone – method 2

These two music editors are very similar. Run the Music Editor from Pony Mobile, you will see its home screen like this.

android music editor pony mobile
android music editor pony mobile

Choose Trim Audio from in the Main Functions section. Browse to your music library or use the File Browser to locate the music file you want to edit and load it into the editor.

Trim music on Android phone using music editor
Trim music on Android phone using music editor

Play the music to select the start and end point. Tap on the Save button at the top right corner. Type in the file name for the trimmed audio on the next screen. The TRIMMED tab of the My Creationsscreen opens. Here you can selected the trimmed music track, set it as ringtone or more, share it using email or other file transfer apps, etc. You can also find the split music from Internal storage > DCIM > Music Editor > Trim.

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