Transfer files from Tecno phone to iPhone using Zapya over Wi-Fi

Data transferring between Tecno mobile and another Android phone is easy and fast. Tecno phones should have the free file transfer XShare pre-installed. And you can easily share the transfer app with your friends who are also using Android directly through Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this free file sharing app does not come with an iOS version. we can’t use it to transfer files or documents from iPhone to Tecno mobile or vice versa. Wondering how to send files, like photos, videos, music, PDF, ebooks and other documents between your Tecno phone and an iPhone or iPad?

Well, there are many file transfer apps out there can also help move files across platforms, like Android, iOS, Mac, PC, etc. We can choose SHAREit, Zapya, Xender and so on. These are great alternatives to the stock file sharing app on Tecno phones. Today, we’ll use Zapya File Transfer app for the file sharing between Tecno and iPHone.

Download file transfer on both iPhone and Tecno

Go to previously linked page to find and download the free file sharing app for Android from Google Play Store to your Tecno mobile phone. Do not download Zapya from the Palm Store or Palm Play Store which is mostly be included on Tecno mobile phones. Because we can’t find the official Zapya app on Palm Store at this moment. You can find many Zapya related apps, but they are not official or affiliated to Zapya file transfer. Go get the official app from Google Play Store. On the iPhone, search and download it from Apple App Store.

Grant Zapya app the required permissions in order to use it properly, the access to your photos, files, camera, location, etc.

Connect Tecno and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi

Make sure both mobile phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi so they can communicate in the local network to move files from one to another directly without any data leaving the local network. Many Wi-Fi routers support both 2.4G and 5G bands, which means you can choose to connect to either 2.4G Wi-Fi or the 5G Wi-Fi. They are two separate networks. Both Tecno phone and iPhone should connect to the same one.

Connect up Tecno and iPhone in Zapya

Once two phones are hooked to the same Wi-Fi, Zapya can detect the other phone automatically and you can just tap to connect both phones wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Run Zapya on iPhone and keep the phone screen on. Then fire up Zapya on Tecno device, touch the Transfer button in red at the bottom to open the Connect to Share screen as follows.

zapya for android phone to connect and share
zapya for android phone to connect and share

Here you get two options: Create Group and Join Group. Since both phones are hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network, no need to create a separate group or network. File transfer via Wi-Fi is the most straightforward, you don’t have to take any extra effort. Tap on Join Group to open a new screen like this.

tecno mobile phone connect iphone via wifi using zapya for android

All phones in the same network will be scanned and displayed on this screen with your current device in the middle. You should find both Tecno phone and iPhone here. Tap on the iPhone name or avatar to connect to it.

Share files between Tecno mobile and iPhone

Once you’ve done the connection part, the file transfer process becomes very intuitive. All you have to do is to browse through the file categories: Photo, Video, Music, Contacts and other file types. Preview the files if applicable. For example, you can view the photo and video thumbnails to make sure you have selected the right file to share. Tap at the upper right corner of a video or photo to select it. When you have selected all the files and documents, tap on the Send button at the bottom to copy them over from Tecno mobile phone to iPhone.

send photos, videos, music, more files from tecno mobile phone to iPhone through wifi using zapya for android

The same process works for file transfer from iPhone to Tecno phone too.

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