Transfer files between Infinix phone and USB storage

Need to load off files from your phone to a USB storage to back up your phone or increase phone storage space? USB OTG can help. If your Android device supports USB OTG, you can plug in an USB OTG cable to your phone, then connect a USB storage or hard drive to the USB OTG adapter cable. Fire up a file explorer app on your Android device to copy files between your Android device and USB drive. Infinix is USB OTG compatible. In this quick guide, we will show you how to enable USB OTG feature on the phone and then transfer files between Infinix phone and USB storage through OTG.

Enable OTG on Infinix mobile

Unlock your Infinix mobile phone, run Settings, choose Connected devices > OTG, tap on the On/Off toggle to enable OTG on your Infinix mobile.

enable otg from settings of infinix mobile phone
enable otg from settings of infinix mobile phone

Copy files from Infinix phone to USB storage

Launch the stock File Manager app on your Infinix mobile. You should find USB drive below Internal shared storage in the Categories tab.

Copy files between Infinix phone and USB drive, usb storage

Tap on the USB drive to access all files and folders saved on it. When you see the access permission request, allow it so you can have full access to all files stored on the attached USB drive. From here you can find, select, copy, paste files from the flash drive and your Infinix mobile internal storage.

Once the transfer completes, go to Settings > Connected devices > OTG to disable OTG and unplug the OTG cable and flash device from your Infinix mobile phone.

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