Transfer files from mobile phone to computer wirelessly

File sharing between an Android device and computer is very easy. Many of you may think of file transfer through Bluetooth. You can firstly pair the mobile phone and PC or Mac through Bluetooth, then send the files from phone to computer or the other way around. It is however not effective if you need to copy over many files or share very large files, such as videos, movies. And the device pairing and connection through Bluetooth maybe so hard sometimes. In previous reviews, we recommended several file transfer and explorer apps, such as Xender File Sharing, LANDrop File Transfer, MiXplorer, Send Anywhere, Zapya File Sharing, etc. All these free apps can help Android users to easily share files and documents across multiple devices. Today, we will introduce just another great app you can use to send files, documents, photos, videos, screenshots, PDF and other files between Android phone and PC or Mac over Wi-fi or your mobile hotspot.

About CX file explorer

CX file explorer is a powerful yet free file manager app for Android with clean and intuitive interface. Other than managing files in your local storage, it also allows users to access files from network storage or cloud storage. You can follow below steps to send files from computer to mobile or vice versa.

Transfer files from mobile phone to computer

Connect both the phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. If no Wi-Fi network available, you can turn on hotspot on the phone, then connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot from computer for the file transfer.

Launch the file explorer app on your Android device, switch from the Local to the Network tab at the lower half section.

cx file explorer for android - network

Then tap on Access from Network > Start Service.

cx file explorer for android - access mobile phone from network

You will then get the FTP address(server IP and port number), username and password. You will be prompted to enter the FTP address in a web browser on PC or Mac to access the FTP file server on your mobile phone.

cx file explorer for android - access mobile phone FTP server from network

However we highly recommend you use the Windows File Explorer on PC or Finder on Mac to access the FTP server on your phone as this will not only allow you to download files from phone to computer, but also upload files from PC or Mac to Android.

Using a FTP client on computer to upload or download files

If you do have a FTP client, it would be the best choice. There are also several free FTP software you can choose, FileZilla, WinSCP, SmartFTP, etc. Filezilla is cross-platform, open source, distributed free of charge. It is definitely the best free FTP client for both Windows and Mac users.

If you plan to use a FTP client on PC or Mac to upload and download files between the mobile and your computer, you can disable the random password on the Access from network screen, then set or change a fixed port number and password, the FTP user would always be pc, so you don’t need to change it. After that, you can save these login information in your FTP client, so you can quickly connect to the FTP server on your mobile phone without the need to type in FTP server IP, username, password or port number any more.

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