Transfer files between Tecno mobile and Mac using SHAREit

If you want to share files and documents between your Tecno mobile phone and other phones or devices, you can use XShare fast file transfer app. It is free, fast and pre-installed on Tecno phones. And you can share this app with your friends if they don’t have it installed yet. And then wirelessly send files between two or more phones without using your cellular data, and no Wi-Fi network required. Check out more details from this tutorial to transfer files, documents between Android phones using XShare for free.

Unfortunately, this free file transfer only support Android. It doesn’t provide a Mac or Windows counterpart app. It can’t help us with file exchange between phone and computer. Here we recommend two great file sharing solutions which can help Tecno phone users send files from computer to their phone or the other way around.

Send files from Tecno phone to Mac using SHAREit

Many Android users should have already know this free, cross-platform file sharing app. If not yet, you can find more features of SHAREit file sharing app here. File sharing between your phone and computer has made easy. Download and install the file transfer app on both your computer and Android phone first.

Connect your computer and Mac phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Run SHAREit on your Mac, a QR code displays on the home screen of SHAREit app on your computer. Run the app on your Tecno phone, tap the Menu button at the top right corner, and choose Scan QR Code from the pop-up menu. Then point your phone camera toward the QR code displayed in SHAREit for Mac to connect your Tecno phone to it.

shareit for android to scan qr code
shareit for android to scan qr code

After that, select files from your mobile phone and send them to Mac. Browse through different categories, Files, Videos, Apps, Photos, Music, to choose documents, PDF files, movies, videos, apps, photos, images, songs and other file types. You can also select to select folders using SHAREit.

shareit on android phone to select files folder to send
shareit on android phone to select files folder to send

Tap on the SEND button at the bottom, all selected files and folders will be copied over from Tecno mobile phone to Mac.

Send files from Mac to Tecno phone using SHAREit

Once your phone and computer are connected via the SHAREit app. Find the files in Finder on your Mac, then drag and drop them onto SHAREit app window on your computer to send them to the connected Tecno phone.

Share files between Tecno phone and computer without Wi-Fi

When no Wi-Fi network available, you can activate Wi-Fi hotspot on Tecno phone, then connect your Mac to this hotspot network to establish the wireless connection. After that, just follow above steps to select files on Tecno phone and send them to computer or select files on computer and transfer them to Tecno mobile wirelessly over Wi-Fi hotspot.

Transfer files without SHAREit on PC

SHAREit even allow us to transfer files from mobile phone to PC/Mac or the other way around without using SHAREit on desktop. You can use your desktop browser to access SHAREit for web, then connect up your mobile phone to send or receive files. We will discuss into details in another article soon.

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