Transfer files between PC and Android using Send Anywhere

If you are looking for a wireless transfer solution between your mobile phone and computer, Send Anywhere is a great one. It is cross-platform, free, wireless and fast. Go to download the free file transfer app onto your phone and PC first before we get started.

Transfer files from PC to Android

Run its desktop version on your Windows PC, you will see a screen like this.

Send Anywhere for Windows

Drag files and folders from your computer hard drive to the Send section of the free file sharing program, the files and folders will be uploaded to a cloud server and you will be provided with the 6-digit key and a QR code.

Send Anywhere for windows 6 digit key, QR code

Run the file transfer app on your Android or iPhone. Switch to the Receive tab, input the above key or scan the QR code using the file transfer app to download the files onto your mobile device.

Send Anywhere for android to receive files
Send Anywhere for android to receive files

Transfer files from Android to computer

Run Send Anywhere on your Android device, browse to the Photos, Videos, Audio, Contacts, Files categories to select the files you want to share on the phone or tablet.

send anywhere app select photos, files to send from android mobile phone
send anywhere app select photos, files to send from android mobile phone

Tap Send button, your selected files will be uploaded to remote server and you will get the 6 digit key in the file transfer app on the phone. Input this key in the Receive box in Send Anywhere for Windows to download the files to your computer.

How long will your files be kept on the server?

Send Anywhere won’t keep your files on server for long time. It will delete your shared files automatically. The 6-digit key will expire in 10 minutes. If you choose to share via link, the files shared will be kept on the server for up to 48 hours. Files sent to a device directly will also be kept on server for up to 48 hours.

Send Anywhere Alternative

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