Transfer files between Mac and Android

If you want to copy some files from Mac to Android or the other way around, the built-in File Sharing on Mac is the ideal solution. Unlike iOS devices, Android doesn’t support AirDroid. To share files between a Mac and Android, we can turn on the file sharing on Mac, then use a third-party file transfer app to connect to Mac file server and send files from Mac to Android or Android to Mac. FE File Explorer is such a file transfer tool you can choose.

About FE File Explorer

This is a cross-platform file management and transfer tool. It comes with both free and premium versions. The free version allows only 1 connection at the same time. If you need to connect your mobile phone to only one computer, you can use the free version.

Turn on File Sharing on Mac

Open System Preferences from the top Apple menu, click on Sharing panel, click to check and enable File Sharing.

turn on file sharing mac
turn on file sharing mac

Click Options, check Share files and folders using SMB, and select the user who can connect to the SMB file server.

Connect Mac File Sharing server from Android

Run FE file explorer app on your Android device. Tap the +(Add) icon at the top right corner to open the New Connection screen.

fe file explorer android phone new connection
fe file explorer android phone new connection

Choose MacOS, then scroll all the way down to the bottom on the next screen to find your Mac computer at the Network Neighborhood section. Tap on your Mac name, choose Registered User on the pop-up dialog, input your Mac username and password to establish the connection.

fe file explorer android phone to connect windows pc and Mac computer

Transfer files between Mac and Android

File sharing between Android and Mac is very intuitive with this file explorer. Browse to the folders on your phone, select and copy the files; then open the target folder on your Mac, paste the selected files there. To download files and documents from computer to mobile phone, access the folder on your Mac to find the files and copy them; choose a desired location on the phone to save the files.

Transfer files between Mac and mobile phone using FE file explorer app for Android

Share files between Android and Windows PC

The above file transfer app can also help Windows users copy files between Android and PC wirelessly. Similarly, you have to enable network discovery, turn on file sharing on PC, then use the Android app to connect to your file server on computer to download or upload files.

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