Transfer files between itel and PC

My itel mobile has only 32GB of storage space so I can’t keep many photos, videos or other big files on the phone. Exporting files from itel mobile to PC is a daunting task since there is no file transfer apps on it. The stock File Manager doesn’t offer such a tool, yet there is no specialized file transfer app pre-installed. In earlier posts, we reviewed several file transfer apps, such as SHAREit, Zapya, Xender, etc. These are the most rated file sharing apps on Google Play. However, they have the same problem. They are all ad-supported. After using a while, there are lots of intrusive ads. They use your phone’s Wi-fi or data connection and battery power to download and display ads. The CX file explorer app contains all the required functions of a file manager with some great advanced features for those looking for a bit more in file management. For example, it helps you analyze storage, free up space on your itel mobiles; it helps you sync files with cloud storage, connect to file servers, connect to devices in local network, share files across different devices, etc. The neat design and intuitive interface make it simple and quite easy to use for everyone. In this post, we will use CX file explorer app to transfer files between itel and PC.

Step 1. Download CX file explorer app

Get this free app from Google Play onto your itel mobile before we continue. The most current version 1.9.5, as of Dec 2022, takes only 5.68MB.

CX file explorer app for android

Step 2. Create FTP server on itel mobile

Download and launch the app on your itel phone. Allow the app to access files on your device if it is the first time you run it on your mobile phone. You will then find its home screen like this.

CX file explorer app on itel mobile

From the home screen of the CX file explorer, you can see the storage analysis tool at the upper section. And there are three tabs at the lower section: LOCAL, LIBRARY and NETWORK. Switch to the Network tab since we will use it to connect to our computer in the same local network to copy files between them.

CX file explorer network connections on itel mobile

Choose Access from network. You will then have the options to set a fixed username/password or use random username/password, show or hide hidden files.

CX file explorer app access itel mobile from network devices

Here we will leave the default settings and hit the Start Service button so CX File Explorer will set up the FTP file server with a random password.

CX file explorer app access itel mobile ftp server from pc and network devices

Step 3. Connect itel FTP server from PC

On the computer side, you can use a professional FTP program to connect the FTP server on your itel mobile phone to download and upload files, or simply use Windows File Explorer. Open File Explorer on your desktop or laptop, then type in the full FTP server address in the address bar and press Enter, you will then be prompted to enter both username and password. After that you can access all files saved on your Android storage from your PC. You will be able to copy files from itel phone to computer or the other way around. It is just like how you copy files from one drive to another on the same machine or transfer files between your PC and an attached USB storage.

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