Transfer files between Android phones using XShare

XShare is a free file transfer tool for Android. We can use it to share files, documents, photos, videos and more between mobile phones without cellular data or Wi-fi network. I first got to know about this file sharing app on TECNO phones because it was pre-installed. And it seems we can find on Infinix mobile phones as well. If your phone does not come with this free file sharing app, you can find and download it from Google Play and other Android markets.

It is very intuitive and easy to use. When you launch this app on your Android device, you will see two big button on its home interface: Send and Receive.

Xshare for Android - free file transfer
Xshare for Android – free file transfer

To transfer a file or document, tap on the Send button, browse to the categories, applications, images, videos, music, and other files to select the files you want to share.

select images, photos and files to send using xshare on Android phone

Then a QR code displays on your phone screen.

scan this qr code to receive files with xshare on android phone

On the receiving device, run XShare, tap on Receive button, then scan the QR code on the sending device to establish the connection. After that the selected files will be copied over automatically.

XShare File Transfer troubleshooting

  • When you prompted to enable location on your Android phone, pull up the notification drawer from the top section of your phone screen, then tap to turn on location on your phone.
  • If your phone’s camera is broken or don’t want to scan the QR code, you can switch from the Send by QR code to Search nearby mode, you can then find nearby devices with XShare running on them, and tap to connect the other device to send or receive the files.
  • If your friend doesn’t have XShare installed on his/her phone, tap on the link ‘Share this App with your friends’ from the home interface of the file transfer app, you can then send the app directly through Bluetooth to nearby friends. If your friend has access to the internet, you can also share the download link of the app on Google Play store with them, so they can download the app onto their phone. Do a search for XShare on Google Play Store, they should also find this app though.

XShare File Transfer Alternatives

Except XShare, we also found other free file transfers for Android, notably the SHAREit and Zapya.

  • SHAREit: a free, cross-platform, fast file sharing app with free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs.
  • Zapya: a free, cross-platform file sharing app that allows you to transfer files from Android phones, iPhones, and PC without using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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  1. I transferred everything from one phone to a new one but can’t seem to access them to share post ECT…. Please help.

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