Transfer files between Android and PC using SHAREit WebShare

Normally you need to have SHAREit free file transfer app installed on both devices in order to share files and documents between them. Occasionally you only have a few files, such as your photos, videos, to send to your family, friends or coworkers. And they don’t want them to download and install SHAREit for it. Is it possible? SHAREit introduced a new feature called WebShare or SHAREit for web which doesn’t require both devices to have SHAREit and it works with Wi-Fi connection.

With SHAREit WebShare, you can send files from one device to other devices, a PC, Mac or another mobile phone, with SHAREit installed on one of them only. On the other phone or computer without SHAREit, access the SHAREit WebShare address,, using a web browser. SHAREit WebShare will generate a QR code.

SHAREit webshare on desktop web browser - scan qr code to connect
SHAREit webshare on desktop web browser – scan qr code to connect

Then use SHAREit for mobile to scan this QR code to establish connection. In SHAREit Lite for Android V3.4.29, tap on the More button to open the side menu and choose Connect to PC, then scan the QR code displayed on SHAREit web share page to connect up.

shareit lite android connect pc

Once the phone and another phone or PC are connected, you select files in SHAREit app on the mobile and send them to other device.

On the other phone or computer, click Send button to find the files and documents to share, or simply drag files from Windows File Explorer and drop to SHAREit for Web to copy the selected files over.

transfer files between mobile phone and pc or mac using SHAREit WebShare through a desktop browser

Send the SHAREit app to other phones

If other people don’t have SHAREit app installed on their device, they can search and download it from Google Play or other Android market. Or you can directly share the app with them via Bluetooth or hotspot. You can find more details from this tutorial to send SHAREit app to other phone.

From the top section of the SHAREit home screen, tap on Invite button. You will find two options to send SHAREit to other Android devices without mobile data or charges. You can pair your phone through Bluetooth, or turn on hotspot on your phone and have other people connect to your mobile hotspot and access a local IP address to download the SHAREit app onto their phone.

Update Sep 2022: this article was originally published in 2020; added SHAREit Lite and the steps to use it to scan QR code which can be found on SHAREit for web on PC or Mac.; added the link to the sending SHAREit app to other Android phone tutorial.

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