Transfer files between Android and computer using Xender for free

If you want to send files from phone to computer or other other way around, there are various free, cross-platform file transfer apps you can choose, such as SHAREit, Zapya, Send Anywhere, etc. Xender is one of the best options.

About Xender file sharing

It is free, cross-platform, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and more. It supports both WiFi and hotspot connection and file transfer, free of network connection, no mobile data usage.

Method 1. Transfer files between phone and PC over Wi-Fi

Connect your Android device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. It doesn’t matter if your wireless router is connected to the internet or not as the file sharing occurs in your local area network.

Run the free file sharing app on your mobile phone or tablet. Tap on the Menu (three horizontal lines icon) at the top right corner, choose Connect PC from the drop-down menu list. Xender for Android supports both hotspot and Wi-Fi connections with PC, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

xender android phone connect to pc web mode

#1. Hotspot Mode

It does not require a Wi-Fi network. Go to the system Settings app on your Android phone to create a hotspot and set a password for the hotspot network; then connect your computer to the hotspot network; finally visit the Xender Web address in your desktop web browser to upload and download files. File transfers won’t consume your cellular data.

#2. Web Mode(Wi-Fi)

It requires a Wi-Fi network. However internet connection is not necessary though. As we mentioned above, the file transfer happens in your local area network, no data will be uploaded or downloaded to or from the internet.

Tap on or swipe up to bring up the Web Mode from the bottom on the Connect to PC screen. Here you can see your current network name, the web address you can access your mobile phone from computer.

On your PC, launch a web browser to access the above web address or IP address. You’ll be asked to confirm and accept the connection on your phone. After that, you will see Xender web transfer interface like this.

access xender web from Windows computer

Upload files from computer to mobile phone

Simply drag and drop files from your computer to the phone frame in the Xender Web interface. Or open the corresponding category in Xender for web to initiate the file uploading.

android and pc images, photos uploading, downloading using xender web

Download files from phone to computer

Open the category in Xender for Web to access your files on the phone from computer, preview, select and download files from Android phone or tablet to your Windows PC or Mac computer.

Method 2. Share files between mobile and computer over Hotspot

When no Wi-Fi network available, you can go to create Hotspot network on your phone. After that, connect your computer to the mobile hotspot, open a web browser on your computer to access the web address displayed in Xender app on the phone. Accept the connection from your computer on the mobile. Start the file transfer using Xender for Web on your PC or Mac.

xender android phone connect to pc hotspot mode

Create hotspot on Android phone:

Settings can vary by phone. You may see the process to enable hotspot varies on different phone brands, models.

setup wifi hotspot tecno mobile phone
setup wifi hotspot tecno mobile phone

Here are some step-by-step tutorials you can follow to setup Wi-Fi hotspot on some Android mobile phones.

Better file sharing options

If Xender didn’t work well for you, you can try Zapya, SHAREit, Send Anywhere, ShareMe, etc.

You can use cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox to transfer files between an Android device and a computer.

Another way to transfer files between an Android device and a computer is via Bluetooth. Make sure both devices have Bluetooth enabled and are paired. Once paired, you can select the files you want to transfer on your Android device and then share them via Bluetooth to your computer.

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  2. This is 2021 and it’s not working anymore. I don’t know why xender is complicating their app instead if making it easier.

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