Transfer files from Android via HTTP

MiXplorer file manager provides users flexible file transfer options via FTP, HTTP and TCP. FTP may be better for large files sharing between mobile phone and computer. It requires a FTP client on the desktop to access FTP server on the mobile device. You can refer to this guide to transfer files from Android phone through FTP for more detailed instructions. HTTP file sharing is less highly functional and less convenient than a good FTP client. Compared to FTP file sharing, HTTP is more flexible and responsive for request-response of small files. HTTP file transfer can be done in most web browsers which are pre-installed on mobile phones and computers. The browser is responsible for initiating and managing an HTTP connection between the sending and receiving devices. No third-party apps required. Check out the quick steps below.

Run this file manager app on your phone. Tap to expand the menu from the top right corner, choose Servers from the menu list.

mixplorer android servers
mixplorer android servers

Then you will find options to start FTP server, HTTP server and TCP server. Choose Start HTTP Server.

mixplorer android HTTP server file transfer

Now go to your computer or another mobile phone, and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as the Android mobile. Launch a web browser on the receiving device to access the above HTTP server address including the port number. Then navigate through the directory structure to find the files and download from the HTTP server to your computer or mobile phone wirelessly. Or click Choose File button to select the files saved on your PC or Mac, then upload them to the connected mobile phone through the desktop web browser.

android and PC http file transfer using mixplorer app and a desktop browser on PC

MiXplorer for Android Share Local Link

You can also select files in MiXplorer app on your mobile phone, then tap the Menu icon and choose Share Local Link from the bottom of this menu list. You will then get the file transfer address. It is something like http://phoneip:8080/share. 

mixplorer for android http file transfer share local link

You can access this address from computer or another phone to browse and download the selected files on your Android phone. On the other phone or computer, you can directly tap or click to download the files. No need to browse through the folders to find them. They can also go one level up to the directory where the selected files are stored in. But they can’t navigate to other folders or directories on your mobile phone.

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