Tecno mobile anti-inadvertently mode

“Anti inadvertent mode. Do not cover the top of the screen.”

Have you seen this alert on your Tecno mobile phone? This is not a failure or error as many users may think, but rather a built-in feature on Tecno, Infinix, Huawei and other Android powered devices. It is designed to prevent pocket-dialing on your phone. Sometimes when you put your phone in pocket or bag, it accidentally makes phone calls. If the anti inadvertent mode is enabled, it will automatically lock your phone screen or let your phone sleep while the phone screen is covered or the phone is in your pocket, so no unauthorized operations could happen.

The anti-advertently mode makes use of range sensor to prevent accidental operation caused by extrusion or fabric sliding when in the pocket.

How to enable anti-inadvertently mode on Tecno mobile?

Some Tecno phones may already have it activated by default. When you see the above anti-inadvertent mode alert asking you not to cover your phone screen, it means the inadvertent mode is activated. You can also verify its status from Settings > Display > Anti Indvertent Mode or Indvertent Mode. If it is not turned on, click the ON/OFF toggle to enable it.

enable anti-inadvertently mode on Tecno mobile

How to turn off anti-inadvertent mode on Tecno phone?

If you think the anti-inadvertently mode is unnecessary and believe the screen lock PIN or pattern serves the purpose, here is how you can disable anti-inadvertently mode on Tecno mobile phone. Go to Settings > Display > Inadvertently mode, tap on it to deactivate it.

Disable Inadvertently mode on Tecno phone locked screen

When your phone screen is locked and you see the Anti-inadvertent mode message asking you not to cover the top of your phone, you can press power and volume down buttons simultaneously to terminate anti inadvertently mode. Don’t press power and volume-decrease button one after the other, press them at the same time to disable Inadvertently mode on Tecno phone locked screen. See the screenshot at the first beginning of this post above.

Should you like to reactivate this mode, go to Settings > Display > Inadvertent mode to turn it back on.

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  1. mohammed Ibrahim

    this feature was turned on accidentky by my 2 year!
    Now my phone is locked – won’t take my correct PIN- adn the phone won’t restart.
    Any help?

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