Take scrolling screenshots on Android

Take a screenshot on Android device is easy. Most mobile phones allow users to capture anything on the screen by pressing two hardware buttons at the same time, normally the volume down and power button. This method however can capture anything larger than the phone screen, such as long PDF documents, Word documents, scrolling web pages, scrolling windows, long chat thread, etc. Some smartphones allow users to capture scrolling web pages natively without third-party apps. For example, you can refer to this guide to capture long screenshots on Huawei mobile. We also found long web page capture on LG, Xiaomi and other Android smartphones. However they will capture the whole web page without the option to select part of a long web page to capture, and still you can’t capture other documents or apps, like WhatsApp conversations, PDF files, and so on. In this quick guide, we will show you how to take scrolling screenshots on Android to capture long web pages, windows, chat thread, documents on mobile phone using the free Longshot app.

Run the screen capture app on your mobile phone. You will see the options to capture screenshot, capture web page and stitch images, screenshots from its home screen.

longshot app for android
longshot app for android

To take scrolling screenshots on Android device, tap to enable the Auto scroll first. On devices running Android 7 or above, the LongShot app can scroll screen automatically via accessibility service. You need to enable it from Settings > Accessibility > LongShot.

Then tap the Capture button, you will then see a warning saying the app will start capturing anything that’s displayed on your screen. Tap Start Now. Then open the app or document you want to take screenshots.

longshot capture scrolling apps, windows on android phone
capture scrolling pages, apps, windows on android phone

Click Start button, your phone screen will be scrolled automatically. If you don’t want to capture from the very first beginning, scroll to the part you want to capture, then click Start button to begin taking the scrolling screenshot. A red line will show up at the process. Wait until the screen capture app scrolled your phone screen to the bottom. If you don’t want to capture the entire screen or window, click the area above the red line once it scrolled to the position you want to end to stop capturing. You will then have the option to fine tune the joining part between scrolling screenshots. Finally tap the Save button at the top right corner to save the screen capture to the Gallery app on your mobile phone. There will be a folder named ‘longshot‘ where the scrolling screenshots and all other screens captured using this free screenshot app are saved.

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