Take screenshots on Tecno mobile phone

Screen capturing is a frequently used utility on mobile phone. You can take screenshots of anything on your Android phone screen to save or share with friends. There are many screen capture or recorder apps over there. But you don’t have to download any third-party apps if you don’t want fancy features, such as screenshot editing, annotation, sync, etc. Android OS supports screen capture natively. Many Android OEMs and brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Lenovo, ZTE, also provide users screen capturing tools. Today, we will show you four free ways to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phones without using any third-party apps.

Method 1. Take a screenshot from Notification Panel on Tecno phone

Swipe down from the top of your Tecno phone’s screen to pull down the Notification Panel. The Notification Panel is a place to quickly access alerts, notifications and shortcuts. Notifications will be displayed under the Quick settings and shortcuts panel.

You can expand the Quick settings and shortcuts bar to find the Screenshot. Tap on it to capture the current window or screen on your Tecno mobile phone.

take screenshot from notification panel on tecno mobile phone

Method 2. Volume down and Power buttons to take screenshots

You can press Volume down and Power buttons at the same time to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phones. This is the universal method which allows Android users to capture screen on all kinds of Android powered smartphones.

capture screen of tecno mobile phone pressing hardware buttons
capture screen of tecno mobile phone

When you press these two hardware buttons at the same time, you will hear a shutter sound and your Tecno phone screen flashes. The captured screenshot will be saved to your Gallery on the phone. You can open Google Photos, Gallery, AI Gallery or other file or photo manager app on the Tecno phone to find them. There will be a album named ‘Screenshot’ where all your screenshots are saved.

Method 3. Take a screenshot from Smart Panel on Tecno phone

Tecno mobile phones will display a floating bar on the screen which allows you quick access to your favorite features and apps. On Tecno Camon, it is called Smart Panel. It is T-Point on Tecno Spark phones. Open the window you wish to capture, then drag from the right side of your phone screen to bring up the Smart Panel, tap on Screen Shot to capture anything display on your Tecno phone and save it as an image file to the Screenshot folder in the Gallery app.

If the screenshot tool or app can’t be found in the side menu or Smart Panel, you can tap the Add+ button to add it so you can quickly access it.

Method 4. Three points to fall fast screenshots

The easiest way to take screenshots on Tecno mobile would be the 3 points to fall fast screenshots which means use three fingers to swipe down on your phone screen to capture the current screen as image. This feature however is disabled by default. You have to head to Settings > Micro Intelligence > Take screenshot with 3 fingers to turn it on. After that you can simply slide down on your phone screen with three fingers to quickly take a screenshot.

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    I have techno xw3p version 7 android but I tried to capture screenshot but it does not working. What can I do?

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