2 ways to take a screenshot on Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 allows users to easily capture screens as images to save or share in the VR headset. Here we will share with Oculus users two easy ways to take screenshots on Oculus Quest 2 without using any third-party apps.

Oculus Quest 2 screenshot shortcut

Like any other Android powered devices, you can press the hardware keys or buttons to quickly capture anything displays on the device’s screen. For instance, you may refer to this guide to take a screenshot on itel mobile phone, just as an example. Oculus screen can also be captured by pressing hardware buttons. Simply hold down the Oculus button (the Oculus logo, which looks like an oval icon, on the button) on the right Quest Touch controller, then press the trigger on either left or right controller. You will then hear the shutter sound and a notification appears in a small window in the VR headset.

Take a screenshot on Oculus Quest 2 via Sharing

Tap on the Sharing on the taskbar at the screen bottom. Once the Sharing window opens, you can find options to cast screen, capture screen and record screen.

Choose Take Photo in Sharing, then go to bring up any app or screen you like to capture to the front. The built-in screenshot utility will take a screen in 5 seconds.

If 5 seconds is too short for you, use the first method via screenshot shortcut above.

Find screenshots in Oculus Quest 2

Open the Sharing window, choose View All to find and view all screenshots you have taken in Oculus Quest.

Alternatively, open the Files app in Oculus Quest, open the Recents from the left panel to find most recent screenshots, or open the Media category to find screenshots along with other media files, or choose Locations > This Headset > Oculus > Screenshots to view only all those screen captures.

Screenshots in Oculus Quest will be saved as JPEG images so you can easily transfer them to other devices, share with family or friends, or edit with any image editors.

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