Stream videos from PC to Oculus Quest using Skybox VR Player

Watching a movie using the VR headset from Meta or Facebook, the Oculus Quest, is a very cool experience. It not only makes you feel like watching a movie in a huge theater. There are several ways to watch our video content saved PC using Oculus Quest. You can copy them from computer to the headset or stream them wirelessly over Wi-Fi. Many VR players or apps allow us to stream video content from PC to Oculus Quest. Skybox VR player is the easiest solution. It is feature rich, extremely easy to setup and use. Check out details below.

Oculus quest Skybox VR Player play videos, movies

Add videos, movies to the media server on computer

You just need to download and install its PC/Mac client on your computer. Then add the videos to it. Click the Open button to find and add movie files individually, or add an entire folder full of movies at once. The VR player quickly turns your PC or Mac into a media server. You can now go to access the media server and all video content added to the media library from your headset.

skybox vr player for windows

Connect VR headset and computer

Get the Skybox VR Player from the Oculus Store. After it’s installed, fire it up on your headset. You will see the main menu on the left-hand side.

Skybox VR Player for Oculus quest to connect PC computer

Click Airscreen, then click Search Device, the VR player should find your PC or Mac immediately if both your VR headset and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If don’t, double check to make sure them are connected to the same Wi-Fi, no proxy apps are running on either of the devices. In the headset, click on your computer name to connect.

Skybox VR Player on Oculus quest to search devices

Play videos, movies on your PC from Oculus Quest

Once you have connected the VR headset to your desktop, you should see the same media library on both of them. Click on a video or movie to play from the Oculus Quest. It is just that easy.

Skybox VR Player AirScreen to play videos, movies on Oculus quest

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