Why some sound recordings are missing in Boomplay?

Boomplay is my favorite music player on Tecno mobile phone. It allows me to stream, download and play music and videos without downloading extra media player apps. We can find the downloaded music, videos, local music and videos, sound recordings from the Library section. Open up Boomplay app on your Tecno mobile phone, switch from Music to the Library tab from the top. Your local music and sound recordings can be found in the Local Music category. You will find all your music/videos downloaded through Boomplay grouped in different folders such as Local Music, Downloads, Songs, Albums, Artists & Videos.

However it seems some sound recordings are missing in Boomplay app on my Tecno phone. I can find them in Sound Recorder and File Manager, but not with Boomplay. In fact, when I tap on them from File Manager app, they will be opened and played in Boomplay which means they are saved in a audio format and codec supported by Boomplay. And Boomplay have access to the folder where all my voice recordings are saved as some of the recordings are listed in Boomplay. Tried to disallow and re-allow Boomplay the access to storage and it does not make any difference. Recently I combined two short audio recordings on Tecno mobile phone to create a long audio file to share with my friend and I realized that the merged sound recording appears in Boomplay library. Does the length matters? Finally I found Boomplay ignores all audio recordings less than 33 seconds.

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