Snapdrop is a cross-platform file sharing tool. Users need only web browsers on their device for wireless file sharing. No apps or installations required. This makes this free and open source file transfer utility very convenient and user-friendly.

Before you use this free file transfer solution to send files from one phone or computer to another, make sure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Visit website on both device. You can then find each other in your web browsers. Each device will be given a random codename and discoverable by every other device in the same local area network.

send photos, videos, files from Android mobile phone to windows computer using snapdrop

On the Mac or Windows computer, you can drag from Finder or Windows File Explorer and drop files on the Safari or Edge browser window to send them to your mobile phone. Tap your Mac or PC’s random name on your Android phone or tablet to send files the other way around. Files will only be transferred in your local network, so it is private and secure. However the initial handshake between your devices and computers is established via the internet.

You can even tap and hold or right-click to send messages, login passwords, emails, phone numbers, URL links from phone to computer or the other away.

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