Share Xender app with other Android users

Xender is a free, cross-platform file sharing app allows users to easily transfer and share files without internet or mobile data. When you use it to send files from phone to a desktop or laptop computer, you don’t need to install Xender for desktop, you can simply use a web browser on your computer to access Xender on the phone. See this guide to transfer files between Android and computer using Xender. If you want to share files between two Android devices, you have to install this free app on both of them. The app even allows users to directly send the app itself to other mobile phone via Bluetooth or hotspot when no Wi-Fi network available. Here’s how.

Run Xender app on your Android phone, tap on the + (Add) button at the top right corner, choose Share Xender from the drop-down menu list. On the Sahre Xender to other phone screen, you can see Bluetooth and Hotspot options you can choose to share the app with nearby Android phone users.

share xender app, send xender app to other android phone

We recommend hotspot sharing which is easier than Bluetooth. Tap Hotspot to open the Hotspot invite screen, you will find the instructions to connect other Android devices to your phone, and download the Xender file sharing app onto the Android device.

share xender app, send xender app to other android phone via hotspot

Basically other Android users need to connect their Android device to your hotspot network, an open Wifi hotspot network without password, then open a mobile browser on their device to access the provided local IP address with the port number, they can then download the app in APK file on their device.

Grant the app installation from unknown resources on their Android phone, so they can directly install APK files on the phone or tablet. See how you can install apps from unknown sources on LG mobile phone, just as an example.

Once you have Xender app installed on both phones, follow this tutorial to share files between Android devices using Xender app.

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