Share Wi-Fi password from your itel phone

Sometimes we may need to share our Wi-Fi network password with friends and family. We know that our phone saves previously connected networks name and passwords. However the passwords are encrypted, you can’t view the saved wifi passwords directly. If you can’t remember the Wi-Fi password, you can’t tell the other person or let the other person enter the password manually. Today, we will show you how to share Wifi password you forgot from your itel mobile and other Android mobile phones.

Unlock your itel mobile phone. Tap to open Settings. Navigate to Network connection > Wi-Fi. All networks you have connected to can be found here. Tap on the active network which you are currently connected to, you will open the Network details with the QR code displays at the bottom on this screen. See below screenshot.

On the other phone, head to Settings > Network & internet, or Network & connection, depending on your phone or model, the name differs. Then turn on Wi-Fi. Scroll down to the very bottom of the network list, you should find the Add network option. Tap on it or if you see the scan button next to it, tap on Scan, then scan the QR code from itel mobile phone network details screen to join the Wi-Fi network.

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