Share iPhone screen with Android

Up until now, cross-platform device screen mirroring was a daunting task. For example, you can’t cast screen from Android to Mac, mirror iPhone screen to Android tablet without using a third-party program. Especially when speaking about screen-share between mobile devices. Since you can’t connect them via USB. Here, in this quick guide, we will discuss briefly how to mirror iPhone screen to Android phone or tablet using ApowerMirror app for free.

Before we start the guidance, you should know that the wireless screen mirroring requires a WiFi network, you don’t have to connect to internet though. The connection happens in your local WiFi network. That’s to say your wireless router doesn’t have to be connected to the internet during the whole process. Now let us get back to the main topic on how to share iPhone screen with an Android phone or tablet.

First of all, go to download and install the free phone screen mirroring app onto both your iOS and Android devices. Then run the screen casting app on them. Tap on the Mirror button(M) at the bottom to find the other device on them.

mirror iphone screen to android phone wirelessly using apowermirror

On your iPhone, tap your Android device name in the screen mirroring app, you will see the Wait for Casting screen on your Android phone or tablet. This turns your Android into an AirPlay receiver. If you can’t bring up this ‘Wait for Casting’ screen on Android, scroll down to the bottom section for the troubleshooting tips.

Apowermirror for Android phone waiting for iPhone to cast screen

Then swipe wipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to bring up the Control Center. Choose “Screen Mirroring” and choose your Android device name. After that, you can mirror iPhone screen to Android.

iphone screen mirroring

iPhone to Android screen casting extra tips

Sometimes you may have trouble putting your Android phone into the waiting for screen casting mode, tap on QR code button under the WiFi tab, then switch from Scan to My QR Code, the QR code then displays in the mirroring app on your phone screen. On your iPhone, tap on the QR code button and scan the QR code on your Android to connect and share screen with it.

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