How to share files between Tecno phone and PC via Bluetooth?

We can find the stock file transfer and sharing app, XShare File Transfer, on Tecno mobile phones which allows us to quickly share files and documents between Tecno and other phones. It however doesn’t support file sharing between our mobile phone and desktop computer. Today, we will show you how to share files between Tecno mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth. Bluetooth makes it really easy to share files across different devices and platforms. I will use my Tecno Camon 15 and Windows 10 computer below.

Pair Tecno and PC via Bluetooth

Before we can move files between our Android device and desktop (or any other device), we have to pair our devices via Bluetooth. This needs to be done once. Once paired, you can quickly connect the devices and phones, copy files between them in the future without the need to pair them again. It is like how we pair a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard or speaker with a device.

On Windows PC, click the Start menu, choose Settings from the pop-up menu and open it in a new window. Then choose Device > Bluetooth & other devices. Click the ON/OFF toggle to turn on Bluetooth so your PC is discoverable by your Tecno mobile and other nearby devices.

Open Settings on your Tecno mobile phone, go to Connected devices > Bluetooth. Touch the ON/OFF toggle to enable Bluetooth on your cell phone.

turn on bluetooth on tecno mobile phone
turn on bluetooth on tecno mobile phone

Then tap on Pair new device to open it on a new screen as follows. Your Tecno phone will start scanning for available devices nearby. You should find your computer in the Available devices list.

tecno mobile phone pair new device with windows PC

Tap on your PC name to pair with it. The Bluetooth pairing code displays on your Tecno phone screen. Meanwhile you should see the same bluetooth pair code at the bottom right section of your PC screen. Accept the pairing on your computer, so you Tecno phone and desktop computer are paired together via Bluetooth.

Send files from PC to Tecno via Bluetooth

In Bluetooth & other devices settings, scroll down to the Related settings section, find and click Send or receive files via Bluetooth.

windows 10 computer bluetooth device settings - send or receive files via bluetooth

The Bluetooth File Transfer opens in a new window.

Select Send files, choose the Tecno mobile device you want to share to, click Next. Click Browse button to choose the file or files to share, then click Open > Next to send them from computer to your Tecno phone.

On the Tecno phone, you will receive the notification about the incoming file transfer. Accept the file. It will be saved to your internal storage > bluetooth folder. Open the stock File Manager app, choose Internal shared storage > bluetooth to find all received files from other devices and computers via Bluetooth.

In fact, you can simply select the files from your computer desktop or Windows File Explorer, right click on them, then choose to Send To > Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth File Transfer window opens. Select your mobile phone and click Next to send the files from computer to mobile device. Go to accept the file transfer on the phone.

Transfer files from Tecno phone to PC via Bluetooth

From the Bluetooth File Transfer window on your Windows 10 computer, click Receive files.

Go to your Tecno phone to select files, documents, photos, videos, music or other files from the File Manager app, Gallery app or apps, then choose Share > Bluetooth. The ‘Choose Bluetooth device‘ screen opens on your mobile with all available Bluetooth devices. Your PC will be listed there. Touch your PC name to send the files from Tecno to Windows computer.

On the Bluetooth File Transfer screen on your computer, you will be prompted to choose a location and folder to save the incoming files from mobile phone. Accept and save them on to your computer hard drive.

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