Share files between Oculus Quest and PC with CX File Explorer

Sharing files between Oculus Quest and computer can be really easy with the right tool. Since the stock Files app in Oculus Quest does not offer built-in file sharing tool, we need to use a third-party file manager or transfer app. The CX File Explorer app for Android seems to serve this purpose perfectly. It helps Oculus users to easily manage local files in the VR headset and quickly share files between Oculus and PC over Wi-fi.

About CX File Explorer

Cx File Explorer is a free yet powerful file manager app for Android with clean and intuitive interface. As we mentioned above users can use this file explorer to browse and manage the files on local storage, and even cloud storage.

There are different ways to share files between your VR headset and a computer using CX File Explorer. We will just walk you through two of the easiest methods in this guide.

Method 1. Share files between Oculus Quest and PC via FTP

FTP is short for the File Transfer Protocol, a standard communication protocol used for the transfer of computer files from a server to a client on a computer network. Many file managers and transfer apps bought this idea, such as the ES file explorer, MiXplorer, CX File Explorer, the stock File Explorer on Xiaomi and Redmi phones, ShareMe(file sharing app from Xiaomi, pre-installed on Mi phones and available for free download on Google Play), etc.

Setup FTP server on Oculus Quest

Launch the free file explorer app on your VR device, its Local tab opens automatically. Here you can quickly access the internal storage on your Oculus Quest, the Downloads folder, Apps on the device, and the Recycle bin.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer manage local files, apps

Switch from the Local to the Network tab at the lower half section.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer network devices and access

Then tap on Access from Network. Click to disable Random password, so you can get a fixed port number and permanent password before you start the FTP server. You will then be able to save the login information in your FTP client on computer without the need to manually type in them in the future.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer set up ftp server

Hit Start Service button at the bottom to enable the FTP server. You will then get the FTP address (server IP and port number), username and password on Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer ftp server IP, username, password

Connect to Oculus Quest FTP server from PC

You can use Finder on Mac or Windows File Explorer on PC to connect to the FTP server on Oculus Quest. Here we will use the File Explorer in Windows 11 to access Oculus Quest 2 via FTP.

Launch File Explorer on Windows 11 PC, type in the full Oculus FTP server address with port number in the address bar, then press Enter on the keyboard to access. You’ll then be prompted to input the FTP username and its password. Make sure to enable the option to save the credentials in Windows File Explorer before you connect to the FTP server so you won’t be required to manually type in the FTP user and password in the future.

Pin Oculus to Quick access in Windows 11

On your Windows computer, you can right click Oculus quest directory or any sub-directory in File Explorer, then choose Pin to Quick access. In this way, you can easily access Oculus Quest and open the files without navigating through the folder structure.

Copy files between Oculus and PC

You can browse through files and folders in Oculus Quest from Windows File Explorer, and then choose, copy, paste files from Oculus to Windows computer or the other way around. It is like how you copy or move files between two local hard drives on the same computer.

Method 2. Access Windows shared files folders from Oculus

If the first method doesn’t work for you, there’s a second, more difficult way to share files between Oculus and Windows computer. Other than turn your VR headset into a FTP file server, you can also enable file sharing on Windows PC, then use your VR device to access the file server on PC. They are just two different paths and ways to reach the same goal.

This method is more complicate because Microsoft hasn’t made the Network discovery and File and printer sharing that easy.

Once you have enabled these two options from system settings, navigate to the folder that you want to share with others and right-click it. Select Show more options > Properties. In the pop-up window, select the Sharing tab and click the Share button. Then select Everyone to share with and follow on-screen tips to create the shared folder on Windows computer.

Connect Oculus Quest and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Launch CX File Explorer on the VR headset, go to Network > New location > Remote > Local Network.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer network devices and access

The file explorer app will scan the network and find other devices, computers in the same local network.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer connect network devices, remote servers

If you can’t find your computer in the Local Network, make sure the PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer connect Windows PC in the local network

Tap on your PC name, then enter your Windows username and password, the credentials you use to log on your PC.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer connect Windows PC SMB file server - username, password

After the authentication, your shared folder from PC appears in the file explorer on Oculus Quest 2, you can copy files back and forth using this free file explorer.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer access Windows PC SMB server, Windows file sharing

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