Share files between Tecno mobile and a USB Flash Drive

Sometimes you may need to copy files from USB flash drives to your mobile phone or export files from the phone to USB drive or flash drive. A computer in the middle is what needed as many people may think. In fact, you can directly mount external storage as disk drives via an adapter cable. With the help of a USB OTG cable, it is extremely easy to connect a Flash drive or portable hard drive to your Android mobile for easy file transfer and backup. In this guide, we will use a Tecno mobile phone in the demo to show how Android users can import files and documents from a Flash drive to their mobile phones or export files the other way around.

Connect USB storage to Tecno phone

Tecno mobile phones use Micro USB port for charging and file transferring. Thus you will need a USB OTG cable with a male micro USB connector on one end and a female full size USB port on the other. Plug the external storage device, could it be a pen drive, USB drive or portable hard drive, into the full-size USB female port of the OTG cable, connect the other end of the cable, the Micro USB male port, to your Tecno phone. Your mobile should detect the connection and prompt you to enable OTG on the phone if not yet. Follow below strep to continue.

Enable OTG on Tecno mobile

When you see the “Enable OTG” alert on your Tecno phone screen, it means your mobile phone is connected with the OTG cable, however the OTG option is not yet turned on. Tap on Go Setting OTG button to jump into the settings or head to Settings > Connected devices > OTG, tap on the On/Off toggle to activate OTG on your Tecno mobile.

Enable OTG on Tecno mobile
Enable OTG on Tecno mobile

Access USB storage from Tecno phone

The external storage attached via OTG cable to your Tecno mobile phone is accessible through Files or File Manager app on the phone. No extra app or downloads are required on the phone.

Fire up the stock File Manager on your Tecno mobile. Its Categories tab opens automatically. Right below the categories, you should find Internal shared storage and USB drive.

access usb drive through otg using file manager app from tecno mobile phone

Tap on the USB drive to access all files and folders saved on it. When you see the access permission request, allow it so you can have full access to all files stored on the attached USB drive. From here you can find, select, copy source files to and from the flash drive and Android device. Then navigate to the destination folder on your Tecno phone or the USB storage to paste the selected files and folders.

Once the transfer process completes, go to Settings > Connected devices > OTG to disable OTG and unplug the OTG cable and external storage device from your Tecno mobile phone.

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