Share files between Android phones without internet

Send Anywhere is a cross-platform that allows us to transfer files from one device to another without WiFi or internet connection. For example, Android users can use it to share files and data using hotspot or WiFi direct. You can try Android file sharing via Wi-Fi Direct first which requires its support on both the participating phones. If one of the mobile phones participating in file transfer doesn’t support Wi-Fi Direct, then use the Portable Hotspot instead. Here’s how to share files between Android phones via personal hotspot using Sen Anywhere file transfer app.

Run the transfer app on both Android devices. Touch the WiFi Direct toggle at the upper right section to turn it on. Browse to the various categories, Photos, Videos, Audio, Apps, Contacts, Files, to select files you want to share from the transfer app on one phone, then tap Send button.

send anywhere app select photos, files to send from android mobile phone

You will then be prompted to turn on WiFi hotspot. Tap OK button to allow it, you will be taken to the hotspot settings screen, touch the ON/OFF toggle to turn it on. Return to the transfer app, you will get the 4 digit key and a QR code below it.

send anywhere 4 digit key, qr code android mobile phone

On the other phone, switch to the Receive tab from the bottom. Enter the 4 digit key, tap the Receive button, you will see the prompt saying the transfer app is trying to turn on WiFi on the device.

send anywhere enter key to receive files android phone

Allow it to turn on WiFi to connect to the personal hotspot on the first phone. After that the file transfer will start immediately.

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  1. Elizabeth Martin

    Sharing files between Android phones without internet would be by using Bluetooth. But security is a major risk and concern while sharing the same over Bluetooth. Hence, it is always better to share and transfer files using internet and specially by using secured tools like Webex, R-HUB web conferencing servers etc.

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