Share files between Android and Windows using ES File Explorer

ES file explorer is a multi-functional file manager for Android. Except file management on our mobile phones, it also comes with many extra features. File sharing between different devices is one of the prominent features. For example, you can share files between Android phones using ES File Explorer, transfer files from Android phone to computer or the other way around. Its View on PC feature allows users to transfer files between Android and PC/Mac through FTP, a very good way for phone backup or bulk files sharing. If you use a Windows PC you also have another option to easily copy files between your Android and PC using another built-in feature of this free file manager app, file sharing via SMB in local network.

Note that Network Discovery and File Sharing must be enabled on your PC, both computer and mobile phone have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise ES File Explorer can’t find your PC or access your computer storage.

Run ES File Explorer on your mobile phone. Select the Network > LAN. Or tap on to open the side menu from the top left corner, choose LAN from the Network category. The explorer will automatically search for any device in the same network. After the scan, ES will show you all the devices it found.

Tap your computer name to connect. Type in your computer login username and password, optionally check the option ‘Remember password‘, then tap on OK button to connect your PC. If get into your PC without a password, select the Anonymous option. Once connected, you should be able to view your computer files right from ES File Explorer on mobile.

es file explorer android to connect windows pc in the lan via smb
es file explorer android to connect windows pc in the lan via smb

You are now ready to transfer files between Android and your PC through WiFi. To copy files from PC to phone, open the folder where the files you want to send are saved on PC, select and copy them; open the folder which you want to save the files to on your phone, then paste them. It works the same way to transfer files from phone to computer. Open folder on PC or mobile, copy the source files, then open the target folder on phone or Windows and paste the files.

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  1. I used to be able to connect my Android to my PC using ES File Explorer. When I got a new router, that all changed. Scanning the LAN would give me nothing. I was sure that the problem setting had to be in the router, but decided to check my PC’s Network Discovery and File Sharing settings because you mentioned it here. My File Sharing was turned off. After turning it on, I can explore files on my PC with my Android again. I don’t know why the new router would cause this new behavior, but it did. Thanks for sharing your article.

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