Setup hotspot tethering on Android

Most Android phones offer hotspot or tethering support so users can turn their mobile phone into a hotspot or wireless router to share internet connection with their laptop, tablet, or another mobile device. Depending on the Android version, manufacturer and device model, you might see something like Portable hotspot, Personal hotspot, Wi-Fi tethering, Tethering, Mobile Hotspot, or Hotspot & tethering instead. And you will have various options to connect to a hotspot via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

This article explains how to setup hotspot tethering on Tecno, Infinix and Huawei mobile phones. The directions below generally apply regardless of the device manufacturer as long as they are Android powered smartphones.

Turn on hotspot & tethering on Tecno mobile

Open Settings on Tecno mobile, choose Network & internet.

tecno mobile phone network internet settings
tecno mobile phone network internet settings

Find Hotspot & tethering option from the lower section, tap on it to view and select the types of tethering: Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering, USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering.

Tecno mobile phone settings - hotspot tethering connection types wifi usb bluetooth

Types of Hotspot & Tethering

These three types of tethering are common to most phones, not only Android phones, but also iPhone. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  •     Wi-Fi sharing is easy and quick, supports sharing with multiple devices, and tends to drain the phone’s battery.
  •     Bluetooth is the slowest and allows sharing with one device at a time.
  •     A USB connection is faster, and the laptop simultaneously charges the smartphone.

Here we will choose Wi-Fi tethering in this demo. In general, this is the easiest, most convenient, and most commonly used option of the three connection types. It is easy to connect, wireless and fast. Essentially the phone creates a Wi-Fi network to which you can connect other mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the usual way.

As we can see from above screenshot, It is called Wi-Fi hotspot on the Tecno phone. Tap on to open it on a new screen.

setup wifi hotspot tecno mobile phone
setup wifi hotspot tecno mobile phone

Here you need to touch the On/Off toggle to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot. Customize other settings, like hotspot name, security, hotspot password, automatic turn off, AP band(2.4/5.0G).

Now you can go to connect other phones or computers to your hotspot on Tecno mobile through Wi-Fi and provide them internet access through your mobile data connection or cellular data plan. If you have a limited data plan, be sure to keep an eye on data usage, avoid downloading or uploading huge files, updating system or software while using the hotspot on other mobile phones or computers. When you’re finished tethering, be sure to turn it off in Settings or from the Quick Settings and notifications panel.

Set up mobile hotspot on Infinix phone

The hotspot & tethering on Infinix phone works almost exactly the same as on Tecno mobile phones. They are different brands from the same company.

Unlock your Infinix mobile, head to Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering.

infinix mobile phone network internet settings

Then choose one of the tethering methods: Wi-Fi tethering, Bluetooth tethering or USB tethering.

Infinix mobile phone settings - hotspot tethering connection types wifi usb bluetooth

My preferred connection type is Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering in most cases. Choose Wi-Fi hotspot, then set hotspot name, hotspot password, choose wireless encryption standard: WPA2-Personal, choose AP band between 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, enable the option to turn off hotspot automatically if no devices are connected. Finally tap on the On/Off toggle to enable W-Fi hotspot on Infinix phone.

Infinix phone setup wi-fi hotspot tethering

You can now go to connect other phones or devices to the Hotspot on Infinix mobile in the usual way you connect them to regular Wi-Fi networks.

Again be sure to turn it off in Settings or from the Quick Settings & notifications panel when you’re finished tethering.

Create Wi-Fi hotspot on Huawei phone

Unlock your Huawei phone, open the Settings app, browse to Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Touch the On/Off toggle besides your Huawei phone device name, it is also the Wi-Fi hotspot name, to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Huawei mobile phone wi-fi hotspot settings

Then choose Configure Wi-Fi hotspot to set or find out the password for Wi-fi hotspot connection.

Huawei mobile phone configure Wi-fi hotspot settings

On your PC, Mac or other mobile phones, turn on Wi-fi, search for your Huawei hotspot name, connect to it with the password provided in the Wi-fi hotspot configuration screen above.

Create hotspot with apps on Android

You can also download third-party Wi-Fi Hotspot App for Android, such as PdaNet, Wifi tether, Easy tether Lite, FoxFi, to create hotspot on the phone and share internet connections with other phones or computer. Some file sharing apps, notably SHAREit, can also create Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone to connect up phones and share files between them wirelessly.

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