Setup FTP server on Oculus Quest with Mi File Manager

We found Mi phones allow users to turn their mobile into an FTP server so other phones or computers can access, download or upload files to the file server. This is really convenient for file sharing in the same local network. Is it possible to setup an FTP server on the Oculus Quest so we can transfer files wirelessly? The stock Files app on the VR headset doesn’t offer such an FTP utility, we can however opt for third-party apps. We have firstly tested the ShareMe, file transfer app from Xiaomi, on Oculus Quest 2, but the UI is not looking proper. Then transferred and installed Xiaomi File Manager to Oculus Quest. Its user interface looks much better on the VR headset. Both ShareMe and Mi File Manager can help us quickly turn our Android devices into FTP server. We will recommend more third-party file managers that work with Meta Quest at the bottom.

Download Mi File Manager

You can download it from Google Play store if you don’t own a Mi phone. Then transfer this app to PC as APK file and install it to Oculus Quest using SideQuest or other similar tools.

Mi File Manager for Android

Configure FTP server on Oculus Quest

You can follow these steps to create an FTP server on Oculus Quest using the File Manager from Xiaomi.

Open Mi File Manager app on Oculus Quest. We are using Mi File Manager app version V1-210553, the most recent version as of Sep 2022, in this demo.

Its categories tab opens automatically. Here you can see Images, Videos, Docs, Music, APKs, Downloads, Archives and recent files on the VR headset.

Mi File Manager app on Oculus Quest

Tap on the Menu button (three horizontal lines icon) at the upper left corner. Select FTP from this side menu.

Mi File Manager app menu on Oculus Quest

Press the Start button to enable the FTP server.

Mi File Manager app start, configure FTP server on Oculus Quest

You will be asked to choose Connection type between Portable (not secure) and Password-protected.

Mi File Manager app ftp server connection types on Oculus Quest

Tap on Settings to access additional settings if like. For example, you can set a fixed port number other than random port, set up a username and a password instead of anonymous access, enable the Keep display awake to prevent service interruption in case of mid / long sessions, etc.

Mi File Manager app configure ftp server settings on Oculus Quest

Once started, the FTP server IP or host address and port displays on your Oculus Quest. You will need these information along with FTP username/password if applicable in order to connect the FTP server from other devices, phones or computers.

Mi File Manager app ftp server ip, port on Oculus Quest

Other File Managers with FTP tools for Oculus Quest

Except the file manager from Xiaomi, we also found CX File Explorer works well on Oculus Quest 2. And we found several other people also use this third-party file explorer over the stock Files app on their VR headset. It seems to have its UI optimized for Oculus Quest. This app is very powerful. It does not only allow users to create FTP server but also connect FTP server, SMB server, WebDAV, etc. You can refer to following guide to share files between Oculus Quest and PC with CX File Explorer for detailed instructions.

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