Set up mobile hotspot on Tecno phone

You can setup a mobile hotspot on your smartphone to share your phone’s cellular data with other people nearby. Other that that, you can also connect two or more devices together via hotspot and share files between them wirelessly. Many Android mobile phones come with the mobile hotspot or portable personal hotsopt feature. On Tecn mobile phones, you can follow these steps to create a hotspot or Wi-Fi network on your mobile phone.

Open Settings on your Tecno phone, go to Network & internet.

tecno mobile phone network internet settings
tecno mobile phone network internet settings

Choose Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot. There are three types of tethering you can choose: Wi-Fi hotspot, USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. In general, Wi-Fi hotspot is the easiest, most convenient, and most commonly used option of the three connection types. It is easy to connect, wireless and fast.

Tecno mobile phone settings - hotspot tethering connection types wifi usb bluetooth

Then click on the ON/OFF toggle to turn on WiFi hotspot on your Tecno mobile. The hotspot name is your phone name by default. You can touch on it to change a different name if like. Security is set to WPS2-Personal. Tap on Hotspot password to show or change the password for the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Scan QR code to connect to Wi-Fi hotspot

See the QR code icon behind your Hotspot name? You can tap on it to create a QR code with your personal hotspot name and password, so other users can use their phone’s camera to scan this QR code to quickly connect to your mobile hotspot without typing or even knowing your password.

Share Tecno phone cellular data with a computer

Sometimes, you may need to share your Tecno phone cellular data with a computer or other phones. For example, you are on the go with your computer and need to connect to the internet using your computer, you can turn on cellular data on the phone, then activate Wi-Fi hotspot.

After that go to other Wi-Fi devices, computers, laptops, other mobile devices, and access that Wi-Fi network just like how you connect them to regular Wi-Fi networks and start sharing your phone’s cellular data or internet connection with them. Note that, you should disable Wi-Fi hotspot when no other devices are connected, and don’t share your personal hotspot without a password, as extra cost may occur when other people can use your cellular data.

Update Sep 2022: this article was originally published in May 2020; added more screenshots and hotspot connection types in this update.

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