Set a music or audio recording as ringtone on Tecno mobile

There are some pre-loaded ringtones you can choose on Tecno mobile phones. You can also use your favorite music songs or even record any sound as ringtones on the phone. What’s more, you can set custom ringtones for particular contacts so you know who is calling you without looking at your phone screen. In this quick guide, we will show you two easy ways to set a custom ringtone using your own music file or sound recording on Tecno phone.

Please note screenshots in this demo were captured from Tecno Camon 15 operating on HiOS v6.0.1 which is based on Android Version 10. Settings and steps may vary depending on your Tecno device model and HiOS & Android OS versions.

Open Settings > Sound, select Phone ringtone 1 or Phone ringtone 2 if you have two sim cards. You can set different ringtones for different phone numbers on your phone.

The preloaded ringtones will be listed. Choose and listen to the ringtone. Then press the OK button to apply the ringtone change and return to the Sound settings screen.

add, change phone ringtone from sound settings on tecno mobile
add, change phone ringtone from sound settings on tecno mobile

Add custom ringtones on Tecno mobile from Settings

Below the Phone ringtone list, tap on Add ringtone to open the Files app, you can then browse through the folders and files on your Tecno mobile phone to find and add your favorite songs or sound recordings to the ringtone list. Note that selecting a custom ringtone here won’t automatically set it as the new active ringtone on your Tecno phone. After that, you can find the custom ringtones from the same list with those preloaded ringtones, choose and activate the custom ringtone there.

Manually copy music & sound recordings to ringtones

Tecno mobile phones come with two file explorer apps, the Files and File Manager. You can use either of them to add a song, or audio file to the ringtones folder on your Tecno phone.

Open up the file manager on Tecno mobile, browse to Internal shared storage > Ringtones, all your custom ringtones can be found in this folder. Navigate to your music album or the Recording folder, select and copy any songs or sound recordings to the Ringtones folder.

Head into your Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone to find and activate your music or sound recording file as the new default ringtone on your Tecno phone.

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  1. Cannot add two ringtones for two different sim cards,,if i try it kips going back and only gives me an opportunity to put one ringtone for both sincards

  2. i donwloaded the sound that i want to set it as my ringtone put it in Drives then i did same steps but when press on the music nothing happens it just go off please help me to fix this problem

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