Set music as ringtone on itel phone

You can make your favorite music as ringtone on your itel mobile phone. There might be different ways to do that depending on your phone model. For some models, just keep pressing the song to pop up the secondary menu, then get the option to set the selected song as ringtone; for other models, you have to go to the Settings to set it as your ringtone. Today we will use itel S15 Pro in the demo to show you how to set a music song as ringtone on the itel mobile phone.

set a song as ringtone on itel mobile

Unlock your itel mobile phone. Open Settings, head to Sound > SIM1 ringtone or SIM2 ringtone, if you own a smartphone that supports dual sim cards.

set music as ringtone - custom ringtone itel mobile phone

Default ringtones or system ringtones are listed. Above them there will be the More ringtone option where you can touch to select your own music as custom ringtone on the itel device.

Trim music as ringtone on itel phone

Although itel smartphones allow users to easily customize ringtones. The song will be played from the very first beginning. You have no option to select your favorite part as the ringtone.

The Music Editor is a very useful Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, Song Editor for Android which is available for free with ads on Google Play store. Go and get this free audio editor app on to your phone first and then follow this tutorial to trim the music or audio files on the phone before setting it as the ringtone.

Trim music on Android phone using music editor
Trim music on Android phone using music editor

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