Change default app on Tecno mobile phone

Android allows users the ability to set certain app as the default app to handle specific file types. For example, you can set Chrome, Firefox or Opera as the default app to open websites and links; you can set your favorite music player to open music and audio files. If you changed your mind later, you can switch up the default apps. Today, we will discuss how you can set default apps and change default apps any time on Tecno mobile phones. It is just several clicks away. Check out details below.

Set default apps on your Tecno phone

When you have installed two or more apps on the phone that can handle the same file type and not default app is set, it is very easy to choose one of them as the default app.

Just tap on the file you want to open in Files, File Manager or other apps on your Tecno mobile, you will get the “Open with” prompt asking you to change an app to open the file and you have two options: Just Once and Always. You can choose your favorite app, then select Always to open the file with the selected app and set it as the default app at the same time. The next time, you open this type of file, they will be opened with the new default app directly without asking you to choose a app to open them.

set default app from open with prompt on android mobile phone

I used Word just as an example in the above screenshot.

Want to replace the current default app with a better one? There are two ways you can achieve that.

Method 1. Change default apps from Tecno mobile settings

Go to Settings > App & notifications > Default apps to change a new app as the default app for that particular task.

tecno mobile phone settings > apps & notifications

Method 2. Clear default and set new default app

You can also go to clear defaults to disable the app as the default one. Then go to pop up the “Open with” prompt and set a new default apps on your Tecno phone. Here’s how you can clear defaults for a particular app on Tecn mobile phone.

Open Settings > Apps & notifications > See All Apps. Find the current default app for that particular task, tap to open the App info. In this demo, I use Word as an example.

open by default clear defaults on android mobile phone

Choose Open by default > Clear default.

Go to open one file of the same type, this time you should get the “Open with” prompt and have the chance to choose and set new default app.

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