SHAREit invite - send shareit app to other android phones and tablets via bluetooth, hotspot

Send SHAREit app to other Android phone

SHAREit can help mobile phones users send all kinds of files, documents, even apps from one phone to another, even without any Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Sometimes however you may not have the file sharing app installed on both device. Although the file transfer app is an ad-supported freeware, you can find and download it for free from Google Play Store or other Android market. It however requires internet connection via Wi-Fi or celluar data. SHAREit has the Invite feature which can help users send the SHAREit app itself to other phone or people without the need for downloading it from the internet. SHAREit can turn your phone into a file server which is accessible via browsers from other phones, tablets to download the app onto them. Follow the below steps to send SHAREit app to your family, friend or other people via Bluetooth or mobile hotspot.

Run SHAREit app on your phone, tap Invite at the top right corner, you will then find two options, Bluetooth and Hotspot, to send SHAREit app to other Android devices without internet connect or mobile charges.

steps to send shareit app to android devices through hotspot
steps to send shareit app to android devices through hotspot

Send SHAREit app to other phone via Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth on the other phone or tablet. On my Tecno mobile, it can be found and activated from Settings >‘Connected devices’ > Bluetooth. It is a universal option on all Android phones and tablets, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, HTC, ZTE, just to name a few. You can follow this tutorial to pair Tecno mobile phones via Bluetooth, just as an example.

Then tap on Bluetooth button on SHAREit Invite screen, it will then enable Bluetooth on your device and the Choose a device screen opens where you can tap on the other device to send the SHAREit to. On the other device, the file transfer request pops with two options: Decline and Accept. Tap on Accept to save the SHAREit app on the receiving mobile device and install the app.

Send SHAREit app to Android device via mobile hotspot

Mobile hotspot, also known as personal hotspot, portable personal hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot. It can turn your Android phone into a hotspot access point, so other devices can connect to your device to share your internet connection, exchange files and data between them.

Note that SHAREit requires the location or GPS access and modify system settings permission in order to let it automatically turn on Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone. Otherwise, you have to manually turn on the location service and activate personal hotspot on the phone before you use the hotspot feature in SHAREit app.

Tap Hotspot on the SHAREit Invite screen, the instructions to access your mobile and download SHAREit app will be presented.

instructions to send shareit app to other android devices via mobile hotspot

Firstly ask your friend to connect to your hotspot network. Hotspot name and password is displayed in SHAREit app on your phone. Then ask your friends to enter the URL address into their web browser to access your phone and download the app installer in APK format to their device.

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