Send links, text, files from Android to Oculus Quest

There are different ways you can share links, URLs, text, messages, files and documents between mobile phones and Oculus Quest. For example, you can email yourself the links, text or files from the phone and then go to the Quest browser to access the mail through web or send them through Oculus chat, Messenger or using the Oculus app on your Android phone/tablet. As of now the easiest way I have figured out is to use a web service like Snapdrop.

About Snapdrop file transfer

Snapdrop is a cross-platform file sharing tool. Users need only web browsers on their device for wireless file sharing. No apps or installations required. This makes this free and open source file transfer utility very convenient and user-friendly. You can find more information about this free file transfer solution here.

How to send links, text, files from Android to Oculus Quest

First of all, connect your mobile phone and Oculus Quest to the same Wi-Fi network. If you are on the go without Wi-Fi network, you can enable the hotspot on your mobile phone, then connect to your personal hotspot from Oculus Quest.

Visit snapdrop website from both your mobile phone and VR headset using the web browser for mobile and Meta Quest browser. You will see that this file sharing tool gives random names to your devices. Here’s what I get on my Android phone, Tecno mobile. The Meta Quest is known as Peach Ptarmig. Simply tap on the Meta Quest to select and send photos, videos, documents and other files from mobile phone to Oculus Quest. And then go to Oculus Quest browser to save the files. Long tap to send links, text, messages.

send links, text, files from Android to Oculus Quest

And this is the screenshot from the Oculus Quest 2 browser. My Tecno mobile is known as Lavender Mead – Android Tecno CD7. From the Oculus Quest 2 browser, click or right-click (click and hold) on the mobile phone icon, then select and send files from Oculus Quest to Android, type in or copy & paste links, text, messages and send them from Meta Quest to mobile phone. Head to the smart phone to save the files, text, links, etc.

send links, text, files from Oculus Quest to Android mobile phone

Snapdrop provides us the easiest way to share links, text, files, documents between mobile phones, computers and Oculus Quest.

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