Send files from one Android phone to another using XShare without WiFi

XShare is a free file transfer that can help Android users send files from one device to another without USB cable, a computer or laptop, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.

Send files from one phone to another using XShare

Launch the free file sharing app on your mobile phone, browse through the file types and categories, such as applications, images, videos, music, files, to select the files you want to share.

select image and other files to send through xshare app on android phone

Then tap the Send button at the bottom. The Send by QR code screen opens with a QR code on your phone screen.

xshare to send files by qr code from android mobile phone

On the receiving device, run XShare, tap Receive button from its home screen, then scan the QR code from the sending phone. The selected files will then be sent to the receiving phone wirelessly.

Xshare for Android - free file transfer
Xshare for Android – free file transfer

Note that if you are prompted to turn on Wi-Fi, do so. Or you can turn on Wi-Fi on both mobile phones in advance. The wireless file transfer app does not require a Wi-Fi network though. It simply allows the two phones to connect each other through the local network.

Where do received files save on Android phone?

By default the received files, apps, documents and other file types will save on internal storage of your Android phone. Launch the Files or Files Manager app on your mobile phone, browse to internal storage, you should find a folder named XShare Files, all your received files and documents are saved in this folder.

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