Send files between Android phones via WiFi Direct

Wifi direct file transfer using Send Anywhere for Android is easy. Put two Android mobile phones that support WiFi direct close to each other. Turn on Wi-Fi direct in Send Anywhere app on both phones or tablet.

enable wifi direct in send anywhere app on android mobile phone

Then select files under the Photos, Videos, Apps, Audio or other tabs from the first device and tap Send to get the 4 digits code. On the second Android device, switch to the Receive tab, input above code to download the files from the other device.

No Wifi network or internet connection required. Transfer files wirelessly without using your cellular data.

WiFi direct file transfer extra tips

This wifi direct file transfer feature is not supported by Send Anywhere on a desktop computer though. Refer to this tutorial on Android and PC file sharing via WiFi Direct.

WiFi direct file transfer alternatives

Zapya file sharing is a great alternative to Send Anywhere. Check out this guide to transfer files between Android phones through Wi-Fi Direct using Zapya.

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