Send app to Tecno phone desktop

Accidentally removed an app shortcut from your Tecno mobile phone screen and can’t find a way to restore or recreate app shortcut on the home screen? You are not alone. When you press and hold on an app icon on your phone screen, you will get the app action menu with options to uninstall app, remove app shortcut from desktop, view app details, share app and so on. Sometimes we may delete an app shortcut from our phone screen by mistake. On Tecno mobile phones, it is very easy to create a shortcut to an app or send an app to home screen.

Unlock your Tecno mobile, at the bottom of your phone desktop, you can find five icons or shortcuts, such as the dial pad, messaging, AI Camera, HiOS A-Z Launcher, Chrome. It is customizable though. Touch to expand A-Z App Launcher, you can find a list of all apps installed on your Tecno mobile phone. Find the app which is missing on your phone screen, long press on it until you get the action menu. Choose Send to desktop to create a shortcut to this app on your Tecno mobile phone home screen. It is just that easy!

hios launcher send app shortcut to desktop on tecno mobile phone
hios launcher send app shortcut to desktop on tecno mobile phone

Note that we use AI Gallery app in the above screenshot just as an example. You can use this method to create shortcuts for any other apps you want on your Tecno mobile phone.

Add app to smart panel on Tecno mobile

On Tecno mobile phones, you can also add those frequently used apps to the smart panel so you can quickly launch them. Head to Settings > Smart Panel to enable it if not yet. You can also place this floating menu anywhere on your phone screen from this Smart Panel settings screen.

On your Tecno phone screen, pull up the Smart Panel and touch the Add button to add your favorite apps and functions to it.

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