Scan QR code from image on Tecno mobile

Do you want to scan a QR code stored in an image or screenshot on your Tecno mobile phone? In an earlier post, we discussed how you can scan QR code on Tecno mobile phone using Google Lens, Phoenix browser and Boomplay apps that are pre-installed on the phone. Google Photos has Google Lens built-in that can recognize objects from any photo, including QR codes. It however won’t work without login or internet connection. It is the same with Boomplay. Today, we will show you how to scan QR code from an image without an account or even Internet connection using the stock web browser on a Tecno mobile phone.

The HiOS comes with many useful tools and apps pre-installed, Phoenix web browser is one of them. And here is how to scan QR code from internal images, picture on Tecno phone.

Open the Phoenix browser app on your Tecno mobile phone. Its Home tab opens automatically. You will see a search box where you can search or type web addresses at the top section. And there is the scan icon at the right side of the search box.

scan qr code using phoenix browser android phone
scan qr code using phoenix browser android phone

Tap on the Scan icon, you can then point the camera towards the code to scan or tap on the Image icon at the bottom left corner to select image files from your Gallery.

scan QR code from saved images using Phoenix web browser app on Android mobile phone

Tap an image that consists of a QR code, and the built-in scanner will recognize the information hidden in the QR code. If it was a website link, the browser will open it for you automatically. It spits out other information that need to be processed with other apps, so you can decide which app you like to choose to process the information or copy the information to the clipboard, etc.

Other than the PH browser, we can also make use of those pre-installed apps from Google to scan QR code from images on Tecno mobile phones, such as the Google app, Chrome app, Google Photos, etc.

For instance, to use Chrome app on Tecno mobile to scan QR code you can follow these steps:

Launch Chrome app on your Tecno phone. Tap the camera icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. The Google Lens opens. Here you can open your camera to to take a picture and search, or select existing images, photos, screenshots with the QR codes you like to scan from your album.

scan qr code from images, photos, screenshots using Chrome app on Android phone

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