Scan documents to PDF for free on Tecno mobile

Do you know that you can scan paper document to PDF files using your Tecno mobile phone? Scanning documents to PDF is a great way to save, archive files and documents. It makes them easier to manage, search, print too. You can scan anything and create a digital copy of them, contract, tickets, manuals, paper notes, shopping list, receipts, etc. Tecno phone users can easily do that with their devices camera right from the Google Drive app. No need to download extra PDF scanner app like Adobe Scan, Simple Scan, Clear Scan. We will point you to the pages where you can download these free PDF documents scanners for Android at the bottom of this post. Google Drive is one of Google apps that are pre-loaded on Tecno and many other Android smartphones and tablets. It gives Android users the ability to turn their mobile phones into portable document scanners and upload their scans directly to their Google Drive so the document scans will be synced across all their devices and computers with Google Drive installed.

In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through how to scan documents to PDF with Google Drive app on Tecno mobile phone.

How to scan documents to PDF on Tecno mobile?

Unlock your Tecno phone. Find and open the Google Drive app. It can usually be found in the Google folder on your phone screen. Sign in with your Google email if you have not done so already. Create a new Google account if you don’t have one. It is quick and free.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see its Home screen with one PDF title “How to get started with Drive” if it is the first time you use Google Drive. It is created by Google for your reference as a new user. There will be a big + Add icon at the bottom right corner. If you’d prefer to scan documents directly to the root directory of your account, you can tap on this Add button and scan away. However we recommend you to create a folder specifically for the scannings and it makes it easier to find, sort your PDF documents in the future. Tap on the + Add button to bring up the Create New dialog like below.

google drive create new dialog on android mobile phone

Choose Folder, then enter its name. Hit Create button to create a new folder in Google Drive. You’ll be taken to the Files tab after that where you’ll see all the files and folders saved in your Google Drive account.

Tap to open the folder you like to scan documents directly into. Tap on the + Add button to bring up the Create New dialog again. This time, we choose Scan. Then put anything we like to scan on a flat surface, documents, tickets, receipts, contracts, manuals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Point your camera toward them. Tap the shutter button to start scanning.

scan document to pdf using google drive on android phone
scan document to pdf using google drive on android phone

Then preview the scan result and decide to save or discard and re-take again. Touch the check icon to let the scanner know you like the scan and proceed to the next step. You’ll then find options to edit the scan and create another scan.

edit, add scan in google drive on android phone
edit, add scan in google drive on android phone

From the top right corner, tap Crop to manually adjust the edges of the PDF document, you can enlarge the selection to include more content or remove unnecessary parts from it. Choose Color palette to expand the options to turn your scan into full color or black & white. More options are available, such as Delete page, Rename scan, Rotate page. Just tap on the More button (three dots) at the top right corner to expand the list.

Tap the + Add icon at the bottom left corner if you need to scan more pages and repeat the process above. Google Drive gives users the ability to create multiple pages in a PDF file.

When you are ready to finish, tap on the check icon at the bottom right. The Save to Drive screen opens. Here you give a name or title to the PDF document. Choose a different folder to save if you changed your mind at the last minute. And finally touch the Save button to upload it from your Tecno mobile to Google Drive and sync over to other devices of your own whether that’s a iPhone, Mac, PC or another Android devices.

Create Drive shortcuts on Home screen

Are you a big document scanner? Why not create a shortcut to it on your phone screen or add it to the Smart Panel on your Tecno phone so you can quickly access it and start scanning PDF instantly anytime you want.

Follow below steps to create a shortcut to Google Drive:

  • Unlock your Tecno phone, open the Google Drive app .
  • Switch from Home to Files tab. Find the folder where you want to create the shortcut.
  • Tap More (three dots icon) from the top right, choose Add to Home screen from the menu, then tap on Add Automatically on the pop-up dialog.
add a folder from google drive to your android phone home screen

Add Google Drive to Smart Panel on Tecno phone

Smart Panel consists of shortcuts to your frequently used apps, commonly used functions or tools. Go to Settings > Smart Panel to activate it. Then you can drag to pull it up in any interface. If Drive Scan is not in the Smart Panel. Tap the + Add icon, Drive Scan can be found in the Bee line shortcuts section. Tap the + icon to add it.

tecno mobile phone smart panel

PDF scanner alternatives

Do you use Google Drive to scan and save your documents? Here are some other PDF scanners for Android you can also choose.

  • Simple Scan free PDF scanner app for Android: turns your phone into a portable scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything and save them in image or PDF format.
  • Clear Scan for Android: a free document scanner app, PDF scanning app for Android which boasts ease of use, fast processing speeds as well as cloud support.
  • Adobe Scan: a free mobile scanner app for Android that can transform anything into digital – scanning documents, photos, notes, tax receipts, business cards to PDF with OCR support.

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