Save web page as PDF on Tecno mobile phone

Want to save a web page as PDF file for reference offline on Tecno mobile phone? Chrome browser for mobile has made it very easy to create PDF files from web pages on Android phones and tablets. Other than that, Tecno mobile phones come with the Phoenix browser pre-loaded which allows you to save web pages as PDF or MHT as well. Both these two web browsers can help you easily save web pages as PDF file and keep them on your phone’s storage for later use. Check out more details below.

1. Save a web page as PDF file using Chrome on Tecno phone

Google Chrome is the stock web browser on all Android powered smartphones. Here are the steps to save a web page to a PDF document onto your Tecno phone.

Run Chrome browser on your Tecno mobile. Open the web page or website that you want to save or download as PDF in the browser. Tap on the Menu button at the top right corner, choose Share from the drop-down menu.

chrome browser share web page android phone

From the Apps list, select Chrome Print. The print preview dialog opens on your cell phone. Instead of choose a printer to print out the web page, tap on All Printers to switch to the Save as PDF option. Optionally tap on the down arrow to expand and customize more settings. Finally tap on the green PDF button at the upper right section. Browse and select the destination folder, enter a file name and tap on Save to convert the web page to PDF and save to the internal storage of your Tecno phone.

save web page as pdf in chrome browser on android mobile phone

2. Save web page as PDF using Phoenix browser on Tecno phone

As we mentioned above, Phoenix browser is a stock app installed on Tecno mobile phones. It allows users to save any web page as PDF files even easier than Chrome.

Once the web page is opened in the web browser, tap on the side Menu button next to the address bar at the top right, then choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu. If the source page is very long, you have to wait until it is loaded completely.

When the PDF file is saved, tap on the bottom Menu button at the very bottom of your browser screen to bring up the menu. Choose Files > Documents to find the downloaded PDF file.

3. Save web pages offline using Phoenix on Tecno phone

As you may already noticed, when you expand the side menu, you see various tools available for sharing, saving. There will be an option ‘save page for offline’. It will convert the web page to a single web page file in .mht format and download it to your phone just like how we save web pages on Windows computer. Again open the bottom menu, go to Files > Offline pages to find and open it.

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