Save web page as PDF in Chrome browser for Android

Do you want to download a web page on to your smartphone? Sometimes we may need to save a web page to our mobile phone so we can view it offline anytime on the go. For example, you may want to get some work done during your commute time or when you are on vacation. Saving a local copy of a web page also allows you to edit, annotate and share it. You can save web pages as PDF right on your Android Phone, without using any online conversion tools, PDF converter or browser extensions. Google Chrome is the default web browser app on any Android device. And this stock web browser lets us easily save any webpage as PDF file on Android mobile.

Open the webpage you like to save in Chrome browser on your phone. Wait until it is loaded completely. Tap the Menu at the top right to expand the menu on the right side and choose Share from the menu.

chrome browser to share web pages on android mobile phone

The Share action menu opens at the lower section on your phone screen. Find and choose Chrome Print from the Apps list.

chrome browser to share and print web pages on android mobile phone

Then the android print dialog will open. Tap on Select a printer at the top left and choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu. Tap on the down arrow to expand more settings. Here you can customize paper size, color, orientation, and so on. For example, you can tap ‘Color’ and select ‘Black & White’ to convert the webpage to PDF in black and white; tap ‘Pages’ to select which pages to save instead of saving the full web page.

save web page as pdf using chrome browser on android mobile phone

Finally tap the green button with ‘PDF’ written on it at the upper right section. Optionally enter a different file name, choose a different location before you tap on the Save button to convert and save the web page as PDF onto your mobile phone. Open a file manager or explorer app on your mobile phone to find and view the saved PDF document.

Converting screenshots to PDF on Android

Except saving web page as PDF from web browser, you can also take screenshots of the web page, then convert the screenshots to PDF on Android phone using a free scanner app. For those scrolling web pages or long pages, insyou can refer to this guide to take screenshot of scrolling pages on Huawei phone instead of taking multiple screenshots one by one. Although we used a Huawei phone in previous guide, the same scrollshot feature can be found on almost all other Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, HTC, LG and so on.

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