Resize images on Android phone

Can’t attach big photos to email´╝č Pictures are too slow to upload? In this quick guide, we will introduce this free photo and picture resizer app for Android which can help us reduce image file size on the phone or tablet in several simple steps.

Download the image resizer app from previous linked page. Run it on your phone, you will see its home screen like this.

Photo & Picture Resizer android

Choose Select photos, then browse to your Gallery to import the photos, images you want to change the width, height. Tap to select one photo, if you want to select multiple image files, tap the first photo and hold a little bit longer, then tap to select additional images.

batch resize images using Photo & Picture Resizer on android phone
batch resize images using Photo & Picture Resizer on android phone

On the Resize or Batch Resize screen, tap the Resize icon at the top right corner, then select a target width/height from the list or type in custom width/height.

resize images, select dimensions in Photo & Picture Resizer on android phone

All added pictures will be reduced to the selected size instantly. Once the resizing completes, you can see the file sizes, dimensions and how much the image files are reduced down on the Resize or Batch Resize screen. All resized images can be found from the home screen > Resized photos in the Photo & Picture Resizer app.

You can also find them in the Gallery app. There will be an album named PhotoResizer where the resized photos are saved in the Gallery app. Alternatively, open a file explorer on your phone, browse to Internal Storage > Pictures > PhotoResizer to access all the resized images.

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