How to remove blemishes from photos on Android phone?

It’s no hidden fact that more and more people use beauty camera apps to take self-portrait. Even stock camera apps on some phone come with cosmetic filters to make our portraits stand out. If you didn’t use a beauty camera to take selfies in the first place, you can still edit them using a selfie editing app. FaceTune is one of the best selfie editing apps for both Android and iOS users. The app has a lot of amazing features. It removes dark spots, remove eye bags from your pictures, whiten your teeth, slim your face, etc. In this quick guide, we will show you how to remove blemishes from photos on mobile phone using FaceTune for Android app.

Run the selfie editor app on your mobile phone. Tap on the Image icon at the top left corner to import your portrait or selfie from Gallery app to the editor. Below the image preview windows, there will be a toolbar. You can swipe left or right on the toolbar to show more tools. Choose Patch from the toolbar, then two white box with a arrow between them appears on your picture. Drag the From box to a similar area that doesn’t have any blemishes, and drag the To box to the area that include the skin blemishes, eye bags, wrinkles, dark spots, or scars that you like to erase.

remove blemishes, eye bags, wrinkles, dark spots, scars from photos, selfies, portraits using facetune patch on android
remove blemishes, dark spots from photos

Touch the Apply button at the lower section on the screen or tap on the Check icon at the top right corner to save the change. Optionally edit your selfie with other amazing tools before you save it to your phone. There will be a new album named ‘Facetune’ created in the Gallery app. All the pictures edited and saved using FaceTune can be found there.

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